Ultimate Home Workout for Beginners

Ultimate Home Workout for Beginners

The 3 Week Diet


  1. I wonder if can work out with him…. I want a physiq like his

  2. what is the name of the workout tool he uses at 2:23

  3. Your body is amazing. You should not be allowed to wear a shirt. I could stare at you for hours. Thanks for video. Keep them coming.

  4. Lel ur dog is staring at you like, "who are you talking to ?" XD

  5. Hey I'm 14 years old and I want to be just like you but what if I weight 150lbs ? Is it more difficult?

  6. Joutchkov how do you do crunches the right way?Today in your new video show me how to do crunches the right way with your shirt off.

  7. Really helpfull video my friend…i start from zero and i wanna ask…if i do 4-5/15 pushups-biceps-shoulders,progressing them over time.its enough as my daily workout? I repeat them every single day?

  8. Great vid, shirtless is perfect to see muscle in movement and great motivation – time for a flexing video too!

  9. Your hot hot hot hot 😍😍😍😍

  10. dog's seen it all before!

  11. love your body and shape. your an awesome guy who I admire. greatly.

  12. What is the name of that equipment that you insist people should get?

  13. You seem slightly autistic. Are you?

  14. The glare at 9:57 was intense. Like he knew I was sitting on the couch, being guilt tripped, watching hypnotoad on futurama.

  15. How tall are you dude?

  16. hey man, cool videos, just one thing…Do you work on your Traps? I think your body would look in better proportion if your traps were bigger.

  17. hey dude, did you get taller during the training? And did you lift heavy since the beginning? (squats etc)

  18. hello cuando dicen 13 familia son en realidad 130 familias vee in google acolito667 o peterpan667 o carlitos667 carlos gabriel cusich soy escritore

  19. dude mad respect to your commitment , its funny how in your later videos you get a lot more praises and skip back to 2013-14 you get things like skinny boy , you ain't big , lol i got bigger biceps and shit . Just shows how much work you put into it and shut 'them' up

  20. Great video, very funny also, and cool you don't take yourself too seriously…. plus, Love the shirt off! 😉 lol Looking great. I will be using some of the finer details about the technique and form, helpful info. Again, looking amazing, wish I had the same 'V' tiny hips and waist and wide shoulder structure #Envious.

  21. You have a cute rear-end, but it needs to be further down during your push-ups. You are arching your back on your "girly" and beginning level push-ups. You are still very handsome and all of the gay men enjoy seeing your body.


  22. Yoo J do you ever fuck with kettle bells?

  23. the dog said what is my boss doing???

  24. oh what a good dog!!! good boy!! goooooood booooy!!!!!

  25. Could you do an abs punch?

  26. I want your sweaty balls after a workout smothered all over my face and chest. I want to snort the sweat from your armpits and lick the dripping sweat from the crevice on your back. I want your tongue to suffocate my throat. Dude, I love you <3.

  27. What was your height at 14 and what is your height now

  28. Whats the best way to get ahold of you? Ur website is down, do u have facebook or email?

  29. U are boring! better show your feet sole

  30. Awesome video Artem, great camera angles, very informitive. Please make more of these videos, like a series. We would like to donate to your channel, every month.to help with anything you need to make more videos and equipment to show your great work outs, and instruction routines. We will talk more about it, contact each other. Keep up the great work, talk to you soon.- Dave

  31. You just keep getting bigger and more defined…we've been following you for a few years now – great progress! This is one of your best vids Artem. Thanks!

  32. You have so much more definition in your chest now than in your playground workout video.

  33. ffs saw a video of you on Jan 2014 and still you look fucking the same gay horse

  34. you mentioned it in passing, but I think you should explain breathing technique for the beginners watching your videos.

  35. Artem, I have watched you for years. You have done good work. You lookbetter than ever. Keep it up !

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