The Best Thigh Exercises for Bad Knees – 10-Minute Home Workout

The Best Thigh Exercises for Bad Knees – 10-Minute Home Workout

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  1. great job thanks for ideas now too loose the stomach and help my knee's .

  2. Jessica's routines are so good — lots of choices. They are well-cued, and I appreciate her comments on form, not to mention her upbeat, yet not over-the-top, enthusiasm. It's pretty much the perfect series. So glad I found it!

  3. I loved this. I have very bad left knee so many years and now a doctor saying to me maybe I must go surgery next autumn. But first I must trying to thigh muscle workout and this video was great to me! 😊

  4. Where did you get that mat????? That would work well for me in my basement. The one's I've looked at say they are 'yoga' mats and not for aerobics. Always enjoy your workouts.

  5. you don't understand knee injured person, they can not move leg like you.
    bring knee pain person to do it.

  6. Love this! I ruptured my calf muscle and fractured a vertebra 3 months ago and I'm just trying to get back in to exercising. This was perfect thank you 🙂

  7. wall sits are murder on my knees!

  8. do you also have something to help get rid of tummy fat with a bad back? Or will this just sweat it off?

  9. Thank-you!! I am sooo out of shape and a bad back also. I sweat a ton with just the first exercise with you and plan on working out 2x a day. Now it's JUST adjusting my eating habits ugh!!

  10. but my right knee hurts whenever i bend it so i cant do the wall sit 🙁

  11. nice workouts excellent for my bad knees. Only can't do the floor exercise laying on my back and lifting my hips. Have severe damage in my lower back since 15 years. I've learned to do pretty much anything without hurting or straining my lower back if I move and lift well, but this exercise hurts my lower back within a couple seconds .

  12. This was a new lower body workout that i tried today it was a great workout i repeated this 3 times and got a great lower body workout i could feel the burn all the way thru i am sore already thanks for working out with me this morning Jessica.

  13. This is awesome!!!!! And no lunges:)

  14. Love the dog. Thanks for the video. My knees are a mess after running marathons. I tried to do some lunges, but they hurt. Glad for your suggestions.

  15. typical dogs, always wanna be right there! love it! my dogs are the same!

  16. great for the lower back, too. Thanks, Jessica!

  17. OMG this dog is soooooo cute!!!

  18. Thanks for sharing this very useful workout easy on knees..I hv been working out seeing yr videos fr quite smtime nw n I feel great..i hv one question – ideally in what sequence i should plan my workout.i m nearly 30 kgs overwt

  19. Do you have any exercises to get rid of my saddlebags, but have bad hips

  20. Just did a few short workouts to stay focused!!!

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