Terry Crews’s top five gym crimes

Terry Crews’s top five gym crimes

The 3 Week Diet


  1. Am I the only one who Stared at Terry's Biceps the entire video?

  2. #4 Amen. Unless you're curling with 45 plates with the bar, GET OUT OF HERE.

  3. I only use my cellphone to record videos of hot sweaty women lifting weights so I can masturbate to them when I get home as opposed masturbating to them right there in the gym.

  4. i love how calmly he explains everything, ready to rip your damn head off! 😀

  5. The worst is when you need to use a specific machine or bench and there is someone using it incorrectly or just casually lifting the lightest weight and not getting any benefit at all from it.

  6. Anyone else feel compelled to buy Old Spice Deodorant?

  7. Curls in the squat rack and not racking weights are definitely my two biggest pet peeves. The phone is a grey area. I personally like to film vids of myself for form checks and PR's. But if someone is talking on the phone it can be annoying as hell! Finally wiping stuff down is just common courtesy. Do it!

  8. God bless you too !

  9. How do I set a timer without my phone?

  10. I hear the intern got to do the audio/mic levels

  11. I just use my phone as a timer and to play music. And if I need an extended break because I'm about to die, yeah I'll scroll twitter.
    Bite me.

  12. nobody taught me these rules and I was already following them from the first day. guess it's just common sense.

  13. 3 is so…. disgusting pisses me off

  14. Pretty much all of these I think are negotiable with the exception of the Towel thing.

    Oh my fuck the fury when a fucking retard says "Hey Bro I'm using that" from a dude on a completely different machine.

  15. you can curl in the squat rack if you curl what others squat

  16. 6. never skip leg day, right Terry?

  17. Damn, I do number 1 and 4, didnt actually realize it was a douchebag thing since there is very few people in my gym and there is like 6 benches where you can do the same exercise. well THanks Terry wont do it anymore

  18. 107 ppl curl in the squat rack

  19. That makes no sense. Why would i squat in the bicep-rack.

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