Shoulder workout for beginners – Dumbbells and FREE BODY – INDIAN MEN AND WOMEN – BeerBiceps Workout

Shoulder workout for beginners – Dumbbells and FREE BODY – INDIAN MEN AND WOMEN – BeerBiceps Workout

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  1. plzzz upload few workout for abs and core 🙂

  2. Apka video Dhersare Indian Gavke logokobhe samze Is leye Hinde me Bat kare Thoda ruk Ruk ker bole.

  3. Bhai Do This Video In National Langwage Ham Hindustane hi Angrez nahe Hinde Words Boleye.

  4. After doing shoulder workout
    My shoulder pains alot for 3-4 days
    How to comeover that pain??

  5. should I hit one body part once in a week or twice. I joined the gym 4 months ago

  6. I found u r videos r soo useful .. all d best goo on ..

  7. dude I cnt do the pull ups .. help me

  8. Amazing job bro..liked your videos..really very useful for the indian public…i just had a doubt about increasing the traps/collars size…i've been working a lot hard on them..but results are very slow..and this disappoints me alot..i've got a lean body…but the trap's size doesn't really match up with the body…do suggest something. thankyou

  9. Can we gain muscle or get lean by working out without a personal trainer ? I mean i've been going to gym but very irregular since a year . But now I'm going to be regular . Personal trainer is quite expensive taking into account buying a protein shake every month and other nutritional stuff . Can you shed some light on this ?

  10. is dere ny rule or logic that d dumbell should be of how much weight accordng to our body weight coz i realy dnt knw hw much weight to use for strength training

  11. Hey, I have slightly forward bent shoulders due to a hunch and so in order to line my arms with my torso usually when I do the overhead press my lower back has a tendency to arch quite forward. Any ways around it?

  12. Over the last few months, I have lost decent amount of weight with cardio and resistance training but I haven't seen much difference in my lower body. So I was wondering if you could recommend a workout that would help decrease/narrow the thighs and hips area.

  13. simple effective exercises ! loved it !

    helps when you have exams and when you are on time crunch !

    thank you 🙂

  14. Haha worked my shoulders just today morning

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