Physique Champion Ryan Terry’s Total Ab Workout

Physique Champion Ryan Terry’s Total Ab Workout

The 3 Week Diet


  1. Ryan Terry has hott handsomely shaped nose/nostril holes shapes

  2. I like the kiss training KEEPS. IT . SIMPLE . thanks Mate

  3. 1:46 I always wanted one of them deep cocks!

  4. anyone know the song playing??

  5. Remember kids, never skip leg days, this guy looks mad goofy.

  6. Me after watching this.

    Random voice: Now you're in the sunken place!

  7. You look really natural, you don't look gross like alot of body builders.

  8. Does anyone know music name at 5:00?

  9. My ab workout is his warmup 😂😂

  10. If his forearms were bigger body would be a 10

  11. Great physique but still looks like an average guy with a shirt

  12. he seems tired while he do the talking

  13. Wow, this man could play Son Goku in a Dragon Ball Z movie.

  14. this is actually the most honest and informative video i have seen about training abs. only thing missing is for him to say to keep diet in check but i'm sure everyone knows that already. super setting always helps activate the muscle more and burn more calories and all these are really effective assuming you got proper form and not going to heavy

  15. east Midlands accent 👍

  16. nice abdou … you cool men 😏😊😊

  17. The best exercise is Winnie and Winstrol 😂😂

  18. WTF! An ad for Dairy Milk chocolate before the workout.

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