How We Started:

Easy Fitness was started in 2007 by Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist David Varvaro, NSCA - CPT, NPTI. Unlike most personal trainers in Los Angeles, David is not a former professional or collegiate athlete, a marathon runner, a fitness model or an actor.

He was not born with a six-pack or a naturally lean body. Before becoming a personal trainer David struggled with his weight just like everyone else. And unlike most personal trainers, David has actually gone through many of the same experiences that his clients go through.

Easy Fitness Trainer David This invaluable insight played a huge role in the development of Easy Fitness and has been one of the most important keys to the success of the program.

Throughout his career as a personal trainer and weight loss specialist, David has been blessed to work with well over a thousand people, all seeking the same thing – weight loss.

These people were from all walks of life – college students, brides to be, new moms, soon to be 50-year-olds who were freaked out about their big birthday, seniors, busy professionals, teachers, construction workers, and even other personal trainers and fitness instructors.

Many of these people had been struggling with their weight their entire lives. No matter what they did, they just couldn’t keep the weight off. You named it, they probably tried it – personal trainers, bootcamps, spin classes, fitness classes, fitness videos, marathon training, kickboxing, thigh masters, ab rollers – the list was endless!

Through his research and experience, David was able to identify the most common reasons people failed to achieve weight loss success, even though they were spending plenty of time and money on diet books, gym memberships, personal trainers, etc.

More importantly, David was able to identify the common factors shared by the people who did achieve permanent weight loss. He combined these factors with the most recent nutrition research to develop a program that anyone could use to achieve results.

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