No Gym, No Problem – HunnyBunsFit Full Body/Cardio Home Workout

No Gym, No Problem – HunnyBunsFit Full Body/Cardio Home Workout

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  1. Luv this video! Needed that direction! Thank you so much!

  2. Just tried one round of this while aiming for 50 secs, I am drenched and worn. (Did it while fasting) I can't do another…beginner woes, building that strength! Great workout Jen! ❤️

  3. Can you write the names of the exercises in the description?

  4. I love your cardio workouts! I just did the whole video and it was killer. Can't Imagine doing this circuit more than once….maybe if I took longer rests between workouts! Thanks Jen

  5. should I do this exercise everyday or change it up every day?

  6. Jen This is my FAVE right now… Dont like the gym, like to train alone and this workout just kicked myyyy but 😀 Did it x2 , next time x3 …
    Love youre videos … Thanks so much 🙂

  7. I am trying to do the Lower Abs workout (time 3:31 of the video) and my hips keep making a popping sound and it feels uncomfortable/weird…is that normal?

    Does anyone know what can I do to remedy that popping noise/feeling?

  8. Love your videos. How often do you do this workout per week.

  9. cant get enough of you vids thank you for all your posts! i NEED that sports top…. where can we buy it? i checked the stance site but no dice :/

  10. Hi Jen, your strong legs look great. What max weight can you leg press in the gym for 10 reps ?

  11. Hello I love your videos. I was wondering if you have any resistant band work outs that targets the whole body. I've seen other video that are related but they seem to only target certain area's of the body. I guess this is a request for a resistant band work out. Thank you for being my motivation in getting fit and you are beautiful inside and out.

  12. I did this workout today 2 times and I though I was going to die really hard and tough workout but it was a some I did 50sec work and 15 rest and I smashed it in 1 hr.

  13. idol!
    thank you for all these great videos! YOU and Heidi are both my inspirations! ! You ROCK!

  14. Omg I love this!!!!! more please

  15. im a new fan…..n i LOVE yr videos

  16. you are very inspiring. thank you for your videos .

  17. I love those plank rolls.. best. You are awesome! Thanks so shareing

  18. awesome video! Will this workout still help gain mass since the weights are not heavy? Or can you only really rely on heavy lifting for mass? Thank you!!! I am trying to gain weight as I have always been a "stick" 🙂 your videos are very inspirational!!

  19. I absolutely LOVE your videos! I don't know how you don't have more views/subscribers because you give legitimate health advice and great workouts! Most workout Youtubers I've subscribed to, I've never stuck with them so I would unsubscribe. With you, I'm just so drawn! I think it's funny how smiley and how you laugh all the time in your videos! I watch them everyday!!! Keep it up because you're such an inspiration!!

  20. Please how can i lower my body fat

  21. Hey yall! I know having the energy to stay consistent in the gym can be tough. If you are looking for an affordable yet highly effective supplement line check out the performance line at find the shop link and click on the performance line 😀

  22. si yo me suscribiera al tu canal me gustaría saber que zona de mi cuerpo estoy trabajando.

  23. I watch u on snapchat errrrday and LOVE u. Funniest girl ever, full of energy, very entertaining and positive, not to mention sooo beautiful. I will be using this video and looking forward to the videos to come. Keep up the great work on your videos and gym!

  24. I really appreciate that you get right to it in some of these videos. Although I like when YT's share their knowledge sometimes when you just want to do the workouts you have to FFWRD through so much! So glad you are ON IT! THANK YOU!

  25. i LOVE these exercises! But when i tried this at the gym I tried doing the ENTIRE workout and if you do every exercise for a minute 3 times through the whole circuit it takes a really really long time! How long should this take? Thanks 🙂

  26. That's an awesome circuit!! Cant wait to try it. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  27. I follow your IG and FB in addition to being subscribed to your YouTube & I absolutely love you! Thank you for showing us these awesome moves.. The gym gets so boring sometimes, it is nice to switch things up! You are very beautiful w.o makeup also LOL! Thanks again!

  28. Love this , will try it next time I'm feeling too lazy to go to the gym 😊👌🏽😎

  29. Best at home workout I've seen yet! Thanks! 🙂

  30. I love this video and it works so well for me! I also really like how you make it known that it's completely okay if we can't start off doing the full minute and going three times through.. It is very encouraging when someone understands not everyone is the same and that some people can only do so much! Thank you!

  31. I love your videos I wish I had your body:)

  32. You are fabulous!  Can you share what you do for cardio in detail?  HIIT/steady state and how often?  Thank you!

  33. If I may ask what do you use to make your videos?? iMovie . Thanks 😊😊

  34. How long do u rest between each exercise? I follow u on IG and i love ur account. Thank you!

  35. I've been looking for back (especially lower back) exercises, I'll need to try these!! 🙂

  36. Thanks for the video girl!!

  37. Thanks! You help with making my routine interesting 🙂

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