NEVER CRY | Female Fitness Motivation (2016)

NEVER CRY | Female Fitness Motivation (2016)

The 3 Week Diet

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  1. Who is that blonde girl at 0:09 and 2:20? She is fucking SEXYYY!!!

  2. this motivates guys more than girls lol.

  3. "There's no way this is real life" 0:29

  4. Female motivation hahahah so the sexy looks were unnecessary, not here to be turned on.

  5. I don't know why but I Get a feeling that these woman are assholes and have a shit personality outside of gym

  6. they have the word "ANAL" written all over their faces

  7. My girl`s must work out more

  8. Would it be weird if I was smilling like I had an orgasme @2.35 in the gym at leg day?

    I pretty sure nobody would mind if I showed my manly butt in the gym like @3.22

  9. welp, everyone here for the ass, but gotta admit.. they train so much legs and ass (so every dude stares at them) That their legs are even more developed than mine..

  10. are those bints in love with themselves or what? especially the fake tits one.

  11. I see girls like this in my gym and I get the hardest boners

  12. Having nice breasts is a bonus that's almost strictly genetics, but you can always work on getting a rounder, firmer butt with squats!

  13. If my butt is really big already .. will it get bigger when I work out ?? Cause some people have like big changes so I wonder if I can do the same ?

  14. Don't believe everything you see is real.. many girls don't admit what they have done. So you shouldn't be jealous of them.. and most of them just wanna show off anyway. If you look at some things you can see a huge difference

  15. Some girls are unnatural .. breasts surgery some even butt surgery.. but their abs are nice 😂

  16. The women is more stronger than men. Then, men to be Sea.

  17. nice work. love anllela sagra's workout.

  18. I don't understand why the camera is focusing more on these … angles then on the machine and muscle they are working on. I'm not complaining but…

  19. As I'm eating cheetos 🙁

  20. Roses are Red,
    Violets are blue,
    I came for the thumbnail
    And so did you too.

  21. I feel like this is for men… I'm going to Zuzka Light to watch a pep talk instead

  22. So its all about butts?

  23. 0:20. She has a penis! ! ! RUN

  24. those are what i call workout distractions! they totally ruin the rep counting

  25. this will even make terrorists to sit calm nd make them for women upliftment

  26. this didn't motivate me all i can see is girls pretending that they are working out but if they already acting they can tie their hair bc who works out with relased hair

  27. Me: Hmmm… maybe I should at least attempt exercising
    reaches over for a cookie

  28. Hot girls!!! My dick got hard, nice video!!!

  29. вот это суки…

  30. 0:03 fake ass confirmed (ass pads)

  31. I want to look like them.
    but with more clothing.

  32. How many lads watchin 😉

  33. scorpion_berk instagram bodybuilding

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