How To Start Calisthenics – Complete Guide (Beginners)

How To Start Calisthenics – Complete Guide (Beginners)

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  1. pull ups for a 15.5 stone person…………. are you joking lawl, to fat for this I think

  2. Okay so here's the truth that no one seems to want to talk about. Dips… If you are a person who can't do Dips,plain and simply you can't do calisthenics period, give up become a body builder. I'm not a person who tells a person you can't do so and so but here me out… In calisthenics everything… Everything rides on you being able to do a form of dips, every exercise has you putting extreme amounts of unnecessary pressure, force and weight on your shoulders in order to place yourself,your shoulders are not something to play around with, once you break anything such as the rotator cuff you at that point should give up any dream possible if being within a higher form of fitness like calisthenics and body building, people think I'm being to harsh or overly dramatic but these people are probably beginners with too much immature misguided egotistical mindsets, I personally can't stand those who say "getting through the pain is a mental battle"…" it's all in your head dude", "being sick is a mind thing" no you moron… This isn't Anime you can't use some mindful kai, once your body breaks… That's it especially your shoulders. And here's the thing you shouldn't be allowed to do dips, your shoulder and it's natural function isn't made to handle that unnatural stress. Calisthenics is very dangerous at its more earlier stages, really practice strengthing experiences, proper stretching and have someone be there to teach you don't just see off YouTube videos… 10 times out of 10 these people in these videos won't be there for you when you really injure yourselves

  3. nice Video, your body was made only with calisthenics ?

  4. I have no material for pull ups

  5. Great video, thanks 🙂

  6. enough of body building now… TIME FOR CALISTHENICS!

  7. Would you recommend full body or split workout

  8. que hace Martín Garrix ahi

  9. Do something that we not can do u madafaka

  10. Thanks, this helped me a lot!💪👍

  11. One of the best video I have seen .. one special thing is that this video motivates us and give the feeling of Calisthenic is not as tough as it is seen for beginners..

  12. 666 views and 666 comments anything weird?

  13. i swear, earlier today i was watching a video about calisthenics, then started wondering how to start. Now, this video was suggested. Awesome video! Thank you so much 😀

  14. this squat form is horrible. you shoulg make your knees go forward but thats another conversation. The best squat is not in this video. instead i would add pistol squat. If you can't do one do a negative rep(going down as slowly as you can). Ando also: Diet is key that is true, but eat healthy and variate? The micronutrients will only help you maximize muscle gain from 5 to 10% The real 90 to 95% come from counting calories. Just google how to count your macros for cutting maintenace or bulking, in other words calories quantity to gain maintain or loose weight wich will enable you to gain muscle, maintain, or loose fat. But in general good video anyways. We are always learning 😉

  15. Thank you for such a great video. Is there anyway to ease in to dips? and any other way to do an Australian pull up or a pull up?

  16. u should not do crunch and obliques crunch, that shortens ur soas. Another important think is that u shouldn't stretch before or after doing exercise is terrible for ur muscles and makes u have more possiblities to injure, u should do a training season just to stretch. Know is power.

  17. it's bad to look forward when doing push ups

  18. When he says look forward don't try to look at the wall you will only risk pinching a nerve just look up enough so your chin touches the ground first

  19. what kind of nike shoes are you wearing? airmags?

  20. Are you Trevor from shameless??

  21. amazing guide bro it really helped me out

  22. Could you please suggest a vegan diet

  23. thank you.. very good tips !h

  24. best vidio its awesome man ty so much but i'm 13 years old and i'm not fat its good to start?

  25. Can you share a new video advanced please?

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