How To Rap: 8 Line Rhyming Exercise – Blink Of An Eye

How To Rap: 8 Line Rhyming Exercise – Blink Of An Eye

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  1. Please make a video on Scatting and voice please Thank u

  2. -Blink of an eye
    -Drink up the lies
    -Link to the sky
    -Wishing they die
    -Kink in the lines
    -Brink of demise
    Shrink all your pride
    -Rink full of ice
    -Sinking subsides
    -Fink in disguise
    -Instinct paralyzed
    -Think they are right
    Scenes seem to change in a BLINK OF AN EYE
    Always feel ashamed when they DRINK UP THE LIES
    Too soon brim filled and they WISHIN' THEY DIE
    I'm sure they be hoping for a KINK IN THE LINES

    When the shit pushin' you to the BRINK OF DEMISE
    Got you pickin' for flowers in a RINK FULL OF ICE
    'Till they break your resolve make you THINK THEY ARE RIGHT
    Knock down all your walls leave your INSTICTS PARALYZED

    U gotta peer thru the shade to see the FINK IN DISGUISE
    Work hard to humble your life
    Stand firm to ur ground till the SINKING SUBSIDES
    And the dust will settle reconnecting your LINK TO THE SKY

  3. thanks for the practice example set! much love 💯

  4. Brilliant work! Keep it up!

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