How To: Push-Ups For Beginners

How To: Push-Ups For Beginners

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  1. why tf does he looks so long……..

  2. carli bybel😘😘😍😍

  3. For all you feminists out there "woman push-ups" aren't offensive at all, women naturally by science have less muscle than men! Jeez.

  4. fuck that imma do girl styles

  5. well i'm only a kid even i know how to do 5 push ups😋

  6. Why would he think that all women can't do a regular push up??

  7. how come its for beginners its quiet tough for beginners

  8. I was searching for a video where someone would specify how to go about push ups for women. Thank you for this video

  9. this push ups is so difficult

  10. It helped me a lot. Thanks.

  11. He doesn't explain himself very well but it is a fact that with these kind of exercises a beginner male is very different to a beginner female. Men tend to naturally have the muscle strength to do a regular push up and women tend to have to build up their muscle strength and doing these on your knees is a great way to do that. Nothing sexist about it.

  12. clear and simple instruction.

  13. can tell me a routine for pushups for abs?

  14. this was really helpful because I'm just starting at 15 I was only doing a little bit of push-up when I was 14 but now I'm hitting them easily thanks to you.

  15. So many triggered feminist.

  16. cool video like, I just subbcribe for your channel, I hope you sub back for me!!! thumbs up

  17. Are people really offended that he said for women? You gotta be joking!

  18. Loved your smile at the end. :)thanks for sharing .

  19. 오예스 예스!! 좀더 예아

  20. push up is too hard it's not easy to me

  21. I think you are supposed to lean forward and keep the elbows in a vertical position while perfoming push ups instead of bending them. This makes it less effective due to the lack of ROM.

  22. your hand moves are dumb

  23. you said for the ladies. you hurt my feelings. i am so lazy its a workout for me to obtain feelings. you work me out man

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