How To Lose Weight Fast With Oats – Oil Free Masala Oats For Quick Weight Loss-Indian Meal/Diet Plan

How To Lose Weight Fast With Oats – Oil Free Masala Oats For Quick Weight Loss-Indian Meal/Diet Plan

The 3 Week Diet


  1. yummy…. Thank you Madam

  2. I'm so happy I've come across your wt lose recipe. I will try it. Thank you so much.

  3. im not an oat person so i wanna know if i can use lentils?

  4. Nice recipe. A bit bland in taste. Can I add pav bhaji masala? please reply!

  5. Can we use saffola masala oats and add all veggies the way you used ? Is it healthy ?

  6. It's yummy, really enjoyed it 🙂

  7. Very good… simple and neat

  8. Thank you so much for the video . Its delicious and spicy 🙂

  9. Thanks again Dear

  10. what is ur opinion about ready-made masala oats?

  11. Which brands oats do you use?

  12. I cannot find perry perry chillies anywhere can i go on without it and can i add chilli powder please reply i have to make this today

  13. How much calories in Masala oats

  14. recipe is good but what about salt??

  15. just guide me dat if we want to add chicken ..can we ?

  16. Can we save it for some days ? Or have to make it fresh every night for dinner ?

  17. what bean it is. is it mogra phali I haven't see little onion nice yummy recipe

  18. it is very good recipe. now it is part of my wt reducing program. it is very affective.

  19. ots joo k daly ko kha jata ha kia plz ans

  20. Thanks for the recipe. Everything feels tasteless without oil, still Oil is bad for health. Will try it. Hope it tastes good as it seems.

  21. plzzzzz tell mee iska teast kiasa lagta h bcz Maine oats kabhi banaya nai h km

  22. plzzzzz tell mee iska teast kiasa lagta h bcz Maine oats kabhi banaya nai h

  23. its taste is good. hope it works now. thank u for ur videos. lets hope it works 😊

  24. can i have a glass of milk in the morning ?

  25. can we use Himalayan pink salt?

  26. How much salt? sorry but u didn't mention that

  27. can we use ready to cook oats

  28. Hi.. have u used white oats? reply please

  29. Hi Nisha!
    Thanks for posting tasty and healthy recipe. I like your clay pan which is used to make.
    Can you please tell me where can I get in Hyderabad or Online?

  30. This looks delicious and i will go to the Indian market tomorrow for some of the ingredients! Very excited to go there. Thanks for sharing.

  31. bahera munga keise bate karte hai

  32. What can have instead of 2 egg please tell me I don't have egg in here and I live in a fram please replay

  33. i just tried oats for the 1st time and it was so horrible to taste, So searching how to make oat meal. Want to try this but please let me know, do this tastes good?

  34. I tried this recipe today and it is delicious. Thank you ma'am 😊

  35. Hi mam…. now only I made it…I don't know how to cook also….now my mom also taste Nd say nice….but I am not having some ingeridets like capisicum,beans, pepper….but the recipe gets tooooo good

    Thanks for sharing your ideas…

  36. Nice recipe!! Cooking… yet to taste in few mts. Aroma is nice … looks promising.
    Skinny recipes..What was your other channel? Don't want to miss important stuff

  37. Hello! I really appreciate your effort in posting healthy oil free recipes, which I've always looked out for. I'm lucky I found your channel. maybe you could cut down on your nutritional value info to make the video short and easy for viewers like me who run short of time. thanks

  38. very intriguing! I never even thought I could turn oats into such a dish! will most definitely give this a try! thanks for sharing.

  39. please show non vegetarian recipes for weight loss

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