Home Gym Tour | Chest Workout | Guardians Vol. 2 Review

Home Gym Tour | Chest Workout | Guardians Vol. 2 Review

The 3 Week Diet


  1. The head and neck look too small for the body

  2. You're my inspiration! I'm 5'6" and 125 and trying to bulk up to 140-145 but want to retain my abs and functionality

  3. Great video Tregg. Totally agree with you on GotG Vol. 2. I absolutely loved it. Better than the first, more emotion and heart, super fun.

  4. Think you could make a video on how to count your macros/ what to eat for bulking if you're a broke student on his way to college? Haha

  5. tregg i've been watching your videos for a whole year now and i just want to say its and honor watching your videos. I pray to God to help me everyday and its been many times now when your talks just hit home and is exactly what i needed to hear. Someway somehow God works through you and i see what He wants me to hear. The whole patience talk in this video just blew my mind in the perfect way. Thank you, keep it up. God is Good

  6. Tregg, how gorgeous is Natasha Martinez? I know you watch Collider and every time I see her I think about all the guys that must be asking her out daily. She's also funny, outgoing and down to earth which proves she's not only a dime, but a cool chick too

  7. I really enjoyed the movie as well. Saw it three times opening week.

  8. I loved it to!! ( guardians of the galaxy Vol 2) it was so funny.
    thanks for the nutritional help 🙂

  9. hey i live in florida what part are you moving to

  10. Just found your channel and I love it

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