High Intensity Leg Home Workout – NO Equipment Needed

High Intensity Leg Home Workout – NO Equipment Needed

The 3 Week Diet

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  1. What fucking shit. Not even a focus on the eccentric for proper hypertrophy. This will not build legs, this is cardio. The guy is even squatting on his toes. You focus on your heels and outer rim of your feet man. So much for gravity and any sort of physics that this dude uses to base his form on. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GUYS.

  2. this is a good workout keep up the good work bro

  3. will your ass get big with the squats u showed

  4. The regular squat you did was wrong.

  5. hi guys people make fun of me because im skinny and tall what can i do to grow big biceps

  6. i hope you will join a competition again ☝💰

  7. U never said how many times a week?

  8. Thanks again Tyrone! Keep shredded! Inspiring those who need it most!

  9. I want to show my 12 year old son your videos for motivation.

  10. Your penis is small as a MOTHERFUCKER

  11. is a fuckin killer workout, thank You!

  12. its a great workout ! but its to hard for me because i have knee injury .

  13. I from Peru,I would like to see a video to have big leg. If is possible a video with dumbells and other exercises please.Thank you for the video

  14. Yeah guys, Like what he said!

  15. Drinks a shot for every time he says " so guys" "i'm shredded as a mofo" " don't forget to aks any questions" " 4 sets of 12 reps"

  16. how many sets of how many reps again?????

  17. why are you such a shredded as a
    o mofucka

  18. I need help running faster. Can you make a video about running faster

  19. you are my idol tyrone……..

  20. Go super slow for a crazy burn

  21. I Would rather say swole as a motherfucker

  22. god damn…. is that even me?

  23. I already got a T-Shirt with Shredded motherfucker on it
    (Used marker and plain white T-shit lol)

  24. I can't stop laughing lol

  25. thank you sir for this exercice

  26. for calves you can do jump rope. i did jump rope and i can barelly walk. 🙂 ( sorry for my bad english)

  27. what falls under starch that should be eliminated from your diet besides bread to lose weight and gain abs?

  28. You should try the bring Sally up challenge

  29. Even tho I got shit knees, these workouts are good asf

  30. I'll have to pass on leg day. Got a fookin groin hernia from doing deadlifts and squats the past 20 years. maybe I could do extensions instead.

  31. Shredded and vascular!!!

  32. in the regular squat knees should not go beyond your toes, your ass needs to go back as to sit, heels should not lift.


  34. I'm 13 and my legs look just as good as his

  35. Legs were sore for 3 days straight like really sore 😂

  36. This was a good workout, but that second workout was an absolute killer! I thought my leg was going to explode from that!

  37. goood good mother funk

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