Hand, Wrist & Forearm Strengthening Exercises

Hand, Wrist & Forearm Strengthening Exercises

The 3 Week Diet


  1. Hey it's Wesley Snipes.

  2. Is This Exercise Daily with one day rest or each weak one time?

  3. So when he says he recommends 2 sets each for 30 seconds, it amounts to 1 min per exercise type described?

  4. do these exercises help elbows too?

  5. Im a guitarist and this really helped me. Rock on 🎸🎸🎸

  6. brother my hand is very sick. but my health is very good.so i will try it?

  7. Can i make this exercises for tenis elbow – epicondilitis treatment? I dont have much pain at the moment.

  8. Thanks for that. After a few months of having Chikungunya virus, I have found that my forearms had become particularly weak. This adds to my repertoire for helping to bring them back to normal.

  9. 3 sets of 20 means 60 each arm right?

  10. Hello Dr. I have Questions..we can do it by one by one or by simultaneously both the hands?

  11. When I try to do push-ups today my wrist really hurts. These exercises felt really good on them. I'm going to take a break from push-ups while I do these. I'm so glad you made this video

  12. I'm slowly recovering from repetitive strain in both hands/wrists/forearms, my doctor told me I can do exercises as long as they don't include any fine muscle movements of the fingers. Would any of these exercises fall into that category?

  13. sr l got nerve and joint pain my whole body do you sell DVD's ?
    God bless you l tried these and it works !
    thank you !!!!

  14. Thank you for this video. I sprained my wrists several times last year and I think this video will really help! Thanks 🙂

  15. Thanks Dr. Harrison! I've had RSI off and on for over 20 years. I am going to try these exercise to see if they'll help prevent my flareups. It's imperative to me to resolve or lessen these flareups since I hate having to postpone playing my guitar and my rowing activities. Right now I'm in stretch mode and R.E.S.T. I want to see these exercises will solve my condition along with correct form for my wrists while typing, rowing, and playing guitar. My last option is endoscopy surgery but I don't want to do that if at all possible. 🙂

  16. I have trouble doing the extention of the wrist excersise. My right hand only goes up to about 45 degrees, beyond that point I have to move it with my left hand. I don't want to force it.What should I do?

  17. Youtube needs more of quality streamer like you sir.

  18. Thank you for posting this! This has helped me so much with guitar 🙂

  19. Dr. Levi, I'm a pianist. And I'm diagnosed with TFCC tear, but not confirmed by MRI yet. I have pain on my ulnar side of the left wrist. It's in TFC location, inside. I've received physical therapy, but it didn't help. My doctor is concerned with my forearm instability and the fact that the therapy hasn't helped the pain. I'm scheduled for a surgery, but I'm unsure that it will help. The exercises in this video seem that they might actually help me. Is it alright to do these if I have a TFCC old tear? Can they make it worse? I haven't found a video on TFCC in your videos. Please, advise. Thanks.

  20. This is the shit Youtube should be reccomending me, since I play too much osu

  21. Thank you so much Dr. I do these hand exercise every day and my cubital problem suffering pain my elbow down to the hand is eliminated. Really appreciated for putting up those videos and I am so lucky that I found your channel. I am also doing the neck exercise according to your video and improving. I could not find feet exercise among your videos. Oneday I run on treadmill and hurt my right feet. It goes away after two or three days rest but keep coming back. So I could not do exercise or even a long walk. please help me put up some video please.

  22. amazing. Thank you very much doctor😊

  23. I am doing this exercises with 2 KG weights and it really improved my arms strength also weird feelings in my arms greatly reduced. I recommend these exercises to anyone. It works.

  24. I'll definitely try these. I think im developing carpal tunnel from gaming, work (Server Analyst), and my time at the gym. Shooting pains in my hand and wrist when i grip and lift certain ways. Perhaps I need to see an Orthopedic doctor.

  25. Man…
    For a second,
    I thought this was Dr. Foreman from "House MD"

  26. man you're so hot I'll do anything you tell me to

  27. Thank you, very helpful!

  28. I am a med student over at Bangladesh and my goal is to inspire people to workout. One of my friends told me that doctors are the embodiment of a good physique and good health…. I am doing my best… I am glad to find this channel… Wish me luck sir.. on my journey

  29. thank Dr. levi coincidence my wrist size small

  30. Go to Unflexal page if you want to learn much more about workouts.

  31. I have a really skinny forearms and Wrist, Is it possible to put more "MASS"? I could fit my thumb and index around them ?

  32. I don't have weights – would it be safe to do these exercises with a water bottle?

  33. You gave me An idea just by the thumbnail 😉

  34. Not only is this informative and well produced, and very helpful, what really strikes me is how much Dr. Levi is enjoying helping us. Not only is he very cool and smart, he is enthusiastic and passionate about this, which is very important, and he seems to be having a lot of fun helping us. Very cool.

  35. He is rip. So I am listening to him…

  36. Thanks, these exercises have really helped, no more wrist pain with push ups. Thanks lots

  37. Nice info Dr, pls help me,i can't even throw the ball from the 3 point line,i have a very week arms,,u have any excercise for this,,thank u in advance

  38. Thank your Dr Levi. Helped me greatly. Any calf and hamstring basic exercise please

  39. what you don't have weights? can you use something else?

  40. Hope this will help my wrists they cant take much pressure, cant even do a push up its hurts so bad i always to push ups on my knuckles

  41. Sir, iam a 17 year old boy .
    How much kilo dumbbell should i use sir?

  42. New subscriber. I am a gamer and will do these exercises.

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