Gym Gear Do’s and DON’Ts To Not Look Like A Douche | Workout Style Tips

Gym Gear Do’s and DON’Ts To Not Look Like A Douche | Workout Style Tips

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  1. He sounds like a big bitch, his voice doesn't match his body.

  2. And I quote: "I think you kinda look like a super sexy superhero". Quote of the year ay or nay?

  3. Nobody looks like a douche in the gym – except when they do not fucking WORK in there.

  4. Bruh cheap joggers and a tee with AF1s😂😂

  5. Gymshark beats most products in this video.

  6. idk y but this dude cracks me up

  7. I love how all these people are complaining about the 95 dollar pants (And a 10% off code) but if they did any research they would see that Nike and GymShark workout pants are easily 70 bucks +++ So unless you truly want to go to the gym in Walmart/Goodwill clothes then you will always find clothes this expensive. And if you know anything about Alpha it's that he doesn't waste his money on shit clothes, he buys expensive, quality goods and gets his fucking uses out of it.

  8. This guy has become a sell out. I was once a fan of your content. I am unsubscribing.

  9. Guys, unlike AlphaM I'll help you saved a couple hundred $$$$. Go to Uniqlo and buy their active wear. It's cool, it's hip, you'll look cool and it's very cheap. But like many people said nobody cares what you wear.

  10. are this tips or marketing for gym gear?

  11. how sponsored is this nigga's content

  12. so all he did was make running pants.. which have been around forever.. all they do is constrict around the ankles to not make a baggy look.. nothing new tbh

  13. Instead of those $95 pants just by nike therma joggers they look better and are half the price

  14. instead of worrying about what your wearing in the gym actually do some work and get somewhere.

  15. I'm going to wear whatever I want… It's the gym

  16. Go in simple Nike or any kind of shorts ex. And a basic shirt and shoes {clean} Nike running ex. And gloves can get em at Walmart kill it for 2 to 3 hours

  17. Gymshark hands down the best answer

  18. each of them have a purpose sir, no offense I love your videos, but you workout for purpose not for recognition in the gym. honestly I couldn't care less what people think of me in there..

  19. "I started working out when I was 12" probably the reason why you are short, idiot

  20. i'm just starting to work out local gym i was wounding were do u get the tights i have see the under armour one's would they ok to use also i'm look for a pair of cheap sweatpants something in the £40 range

  21. you dont wear tights, you're supposed to wear compression pants

  22. sorry, but you dont look tall in any situation

  23. The coolest gym clothes are from Viking Liftwear in Australia. The womens range is awesome too! Hottest and coolest clothes ever! I'm addicted!

  24. My gym outfit
    Nike tank
    Basketball shorts
    Adidas nmds

  25. Those flyknits 👌🏼. Got em too 💪🏼

  26. Dude, u dont need to scream all time …

  27. wtf mate. I'm trying to sweat and lose weight. The clothes don't fucking matter

  28. leggings under shorts is extremely borderline


  30. watching this channel since 3 months , just realised I hadn't subscribed😂

  31. Or just go do your shit then go home in whatever the fuck feels comfortable to get the best workout?. Gotta say a lot of your videos are ridiculous and ignore a pretty important part of confidence and being attractive. Individuality. Being yourself. Everything you do is about appearing to be someone else, a stereotype of fashionable, following dumb rules. Honestly people, just do you and do it well. All this comes across as extremely insecure and desperate.

  32. Or just get some jogger pants

  33. This man shouts too much.

  34. God! enough with the ads! I think I'm done with Alpha vids.

  35. you look super tall to me.

  36. just wear NIKE it's good looking comfortable and affordable

  37. You go to the gym to train, thats it, nobody goes to the gym to criticize other men fashion, leave that to the girls, mate.

  38. Gym Gear Do's and DON'Ts To Not Look Like A Douche = just do the OPPOSITE of this Douche… BETA BITCH lolz
    Every Damn Day Fitness crew checking in!

  39. I'll rock the beater till i die. It's cool if people want to look fashionable at the gym, I'm there to work out though.

  40. That shit does not fit well with that stretched out collar wtf

  41. I buy my gym clothes for sweating, and working out. I get mine at the goodwill and surprisingly it looks good. All for $10.

  42. Who cares. The serious man with a goal to workout doesn't care what he looks like in the gym unless you are desperate.

  43. So now you have to look good to work out ? Males now-a-days do more than females 😂

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