Female Calisthenics WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 [HD]

Female Calisthenics WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 [HD]

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  1. Wow, pure amazingness! I mean there definitely arent enough words in the world to describe how amazing and talented these women are!!
    The girl with the pink hair tho >> 😍😍

  2. Just came here for 2:16 wowwwwwwwwwww

  3. 90% of you clicked for the ass

  4. when has a woman ever been wrong

  5. women are the best that's why

  6. what is the name of first girl?

  7. Oona Kivela (not sure of spelling) is my fave!! Gymnast, Pole Queen and also Calistenics Champion!!

  8. Oh my god!! These women are AMAZING! I want to do that so badly, I am learning to do push ups.

  9. in america we eat hot dogs as a sport…we're sad as hell

  10. Omg I found my sport!!! I always did this at school but I never knew what it was called… Yay I feel so happy!! It's a thing!!! 😃

  11. Amazing…all I think about is me trying and falling badly

  12. Wowww. I literally watched the first couple of minutes with my mouth open. So amazing what these women can do. I'm at a loss for words.

  13. Круто! Очень вдохновляет!))

  14. Damn the red head was good.

  15. congratulations..! you're amazing and strong..!

  16. Awesome, superb, mind blowing, and I don't have words to express how extraordinary it is. I wish I could do this.

  17. name the girl whith hair red and shoes black with green

  18. el 80% son anabolizadas

  19. whatsapp Group about calisthenics and Street workout who cares to participate leave your phone number here

  20. i love you please subscibe to my channels ok

  21. They call this calisthenics, but in reality it is just gymnastics but WORSE. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

  22. So this is what people who never made it into professional gymnastics look like.

  23. loved the one with red hair and green shoes, she showed the most controlled moves. she wasnt just swining and jumping she showed finese, control and strength all at the same time, beautiful.

  24. I would totally have sex with them O___o even if it costs me three rips

  25. Career progression for former gymnasts

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