Extreme 20 Minute Cardio Workout

Extreme 20 Minute Cardio Workout

The 3 Week Diet

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  1. Holy shizzle. It's Friday and this is the best sweat I worked up all week. I did NOT feel like working out today AT ALL. I punished those thoughts by crushing this workout. BOOM! It's done.

  2. I just started this yesterday and I cannot believe how unfit I am lol. I'm going to keep at it though how many times per week is recommended till you see results. I am very new to all this I'm wanting to loose weight and tone up am I right by doing this particular workout or should I be doing something else. any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. #timetomakeachange

  3. Average it burns how many calories?

  4. Me right now: "in the name of Jesus, Lord!!!!" 😰😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  5. This is definitely one of my favorite workouts on YouTube. Thanks Jake!!! <3

  6. Thanks again, Jake. This is one of my favorites of yours. Relentless and victorious!!! Ready for my day!

  7. AWWWWWESOME workout, AGAIN! THANKS AGAIN! Getting stronger!

  8. 👊👊😭😭💪👊👊

  9. on another level Jake..nice one!

  10. I was not ready WOW! Thank you @yumyucky for the referral to his page! Relentless man you ain't no joke!!!!

  11. Hi Jake. thanks for that short, yet intense workout. Better than a pill.

  12. Hey Jake, I just stumbled upon your channel, I have exactly 40 days to lose 30 pounds for a wedding! to fit into a size 6 dress! I am a 10 right now. Could you tell me the variety or rotation in which I should be working out. I will also be going vegan for the next 40 days to help support my weight loss. Love this workout, and hope to hear back from you! P.S. YumYucky on Youtube sent me here!

  13. My 4 month old nephew and I just did this one! Great cardio!

  14. I so needed this! I've been dreading cardio workouts as I've gained weight and it's hard on my knees, but I pushed through and completed the entire set! By no means perfect, but I know that if I persevere, my endurance will definitely improve.

  15. Great one!!!! Thanks a lot

  16. Well I hit the floor just like u did!!

  17. Gahhhhhh!!! I'm done, dammit!!! #pain #sweat #badass
    Yes, I screamed at the end.

  18. great cardio as usual!!

  19. right now its 9:46pm and i just subscribe ur chanel and starting tomarrow im gonna start exercising like how your doing and lets see if i changed so far i havent drank coke for more than a month and its really working, i hope this also works😊

  20. Hey I survived after 20 mins…. hurray… feels like superhuman 🙂

  21. This one takes my breath and runs with it. I can never catch it!!!

  22. You should add how many calories are burned for the total workout

  23. I really underestimated this workout. When I did those 180-squat jacks, the sweat on my face literally flung across the room.

  24. How much calories does this workout burn?

  25. Wise words from the legend! Vince Lombardi

  26. Just found this one through your 20 minute playlist. "Punch with purpose!"

  27. Soaked, gonna need a mop 2day. This and the humidity….game over.

  28. AWESOME 20 min lunch time parking lot workout for me today! Thanks so much Jake!

  29. Late start but I am here. 20 20 20 today

  30. where can i find this music!? great workout by the way 🙂

  31. not only did this work out kick my butt then I had to do butt kicks and kick my own butt. If that is not a top 10 joke then I give up. :/

  32. Did this with some friends….u killed them. Great work Jake.

  33. I love the constant moving. Great workout. I noticed the black tank top…did the green ones batteries die? thanks hommie

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