DUMBBELL ONLY Shoulder Workout || Exercise At Home

DUMBBELL ONLY Shoulder Workout || Exercise At Home

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  1. #snapchatlove love this I neglected shoulders a lot I'm slowly starting to work them in. I'm going to follow this one today. Thanks girl

  2. Love and appreciate all your videos #snapchatlove ❤️

  3. Hit the gym early this AM mad tried this! My arms were shaking 😳 Thanks a million!!!!!! And I ❣️ Lucy!!! Lol #Snapchatlove

  4. #snapchatlove I want to build a better booty!! 🍑🍑 lol

  5. #snapchatlove 😍 doing this workout today, thanks Zoe!

  6. #snapchatlove I really enjoy watching all your videos. Those are some of the exercises I do for my arms. Thank you Zoe much love for you 💖💖💖💖

  7. #snapchatlove My shoulders are just burning watching you do these lol… another great workout Zoe!

  8. #snapchatlove I'm loving the challenge group!!! I'd love to get more of your programs ☺️☺️

  9. #snapchatlove as always loveeee the demonstrations ❤️

  10. #snapchatlove maybe this shall be my lucky day for once 😉

  11. Zoee you are awesome! I love all your videos! #snapchatlove

  12. Your shoulder workouts are always second to your booty workouts! Also love the dumbbell only workouts. Keep up the hard work! (: #snapchatlove

  13. You inspire me everyday to become bigger and stronger 💪 #snapchatlove

  14. I was totally not distracted by the guy in the shorts working out behind you lol

  15. Love you!!! Help me sculpt my body to be like yours #snapchatlove. I'll never stop watching your vids

  16. #snapchatlove can't wait to try this workout! 💪🏼

  17. Thank you for the video!!💕 #snapchatlove

  18. #snapchatlove thanks for the workouts! ❤❤

  19. How ironic you post this! yesterday was shoulders and triceps for me, and I wanted a little refresher on the right techniques so I used one of your older videos. Almost all the same lifts, and O.M.G. I am so sore this morning. can't wait to do it again. Thanks Zoe! So much #snapchatlove

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