Chest Workout For Beginners — With “Workout Buddies” Star Chris Encarnacion

Chest Workout For Beginners — With “Workout Buddies” Star Chris Encarnacion

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  1. fuck, you guys rock… much love from Vancouver BC…

  2. Dude is going to be shredded after he is done with this program. All the best!

  3. wow watching You two workout is so inspiring. I wish I had a trainer also

  4. Thank you Johnny you relay helped me a lot with this exercise and i hope in the next videos Chris will be better and better

  5. love this guy, I always wondered about proper technique with this 1st excersice and now I know how to maximize it. thanks Johnny

  6. Great job guys! More of this! 😎👍🔥

  7. can u do a video on what do do on the first day of gym

  8. I hope that dude will become Johnny go luck bro

  9. Hey great video man! This is the first video in a while that lit up the spark to make me want to start hitting the gym again.
    Would you kindly post more videos doing these kind of videos with Chris but focusing on other muscle group ie. shoulders, arms, back, core and legs?
    Btw do you focus on one particular muscle group or a couple every session. I'm still quite new at this and would love to learn more about building muscle.
    P.S. Good luck with the Dad Bod Chris!

  10. The thumbnail is wrong.

  11. I want to see this guys progress!

  12. He's got a pelvic tilt that's why his abs look bloated

  13. Johnny, what's your perspective on benching with a flat or arched back?

  14. Once upon a time i was fat like that guy… 😀

  15. I hope u guys keep us updated with Chris's progress I wanna see how he gets on.

  16. hello I'm from Brazil, I would like the videos had legend

  17. I expect to see Chris here in a couple of months

  18. when they bump chest "BRO!" too funny lol

  19. Good stuff guys, personally going through a similiar transformation so it's cool to see someone else with the same goals and progress

  20. make a series with this guy

  21. I like it. Do a couple more episodes with that guys but a different part of muscles

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