Beginners home workout for getting ripped FAST!

Beginners home workout for getting ripped FAST!

The 3 Week Diet


  1. lol u r so funny man and so serious in the same time

  2. man if I had the posters your bro has in his room my mom would slap me to a different nationality

  3. do u have a girlsfreind PS:just for kno

  4. did masturbation effect your strength at push ups ??

  5. When I come to Ireland can I just hang with you?

  6. more like Jim Carrey fun

  7. you are so cool and funny. I respect you

  8. A WILD and CRAZY GUY!!! Great demonstration(s), thank you….BTW….Your lil' brother's room is D….O….P….E!!!! I could watch you all day long!! No wonder your cute….your mom is a doll!! Keep us posted!!

  9. Do you also videogames cuz i saw a skyrim map, why not Start a gaming X fittness Chanel

  10. Nice techniques john…
    can you tell me best exercise for back muscles…

  11. Bro…I am crying over here!!! You are funny as shit! Good work man and keep it coming!

  12. Sooooo obnoxious, yet sooooo handsome. Totally confused. Make more videos, please Eamon! : )

  13. lol XD that intro man

  14. dude I'm only 14.thanks for the changes of my life 😅👌❤

  15. So what about the 8 weight thing you did? If I combined this with that would I get the same results as you?

  16. Watched the 8 week transformation and then this… Subscribe button just pressed by itself. Started my channel but stopped….. This was my aim actually bro. love the content man! Fan+1

  17. Holy crap. I busted out laughing around the 1:50 mark. I've found my new YT addiction!

  18. "make the small things count, teach midgets math" bro I'm dying.

  19. Is anyone else reading the funny shit on the wall? "Make the small things count. Teach midgets math." Sorry little people.

  20. Man your personality is infectious! Your totally the next Robin Williams!

  21. Hey Eamon! In a video you mention that you're intermittent fasting. The question is, did you trained during the fast?

  22. love your vids! great enthusiasm make moreeee

  23. answer 1 word ''puller bar'', that actually 2 words..hahahaha this guy is too funny

  24. hi mate, what's your height and weight at now? just curious…also, how often a week do you do this workout? thanks 🙂

  25. does your brother know that his brother is gay?

  26. what about core and lower body workouts?

  27. I use a branch as a pull up bar because my pull up bar broke…. Like they, say no excuses. 😂

  28. That's the Cuban press my friend

  29. Hey bro where u from ? U have like a lik accent

  30. Loving the bearded dragon sitting on the armrest on the couch😂

  31. You're like a joyous child! 😊

  32. Can you show us what you do in the gym as well..?😬 sick video btw

  33. this guy is finny as hell and I actually tried the workout and it works, I'm sore af

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