Beginner Home Back Workout – Dumbbell Only

Beginner Home Back Workout – Dumbbell Only

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  1. been outta tha game for a while, this was good stuff to start off again, 💪

  2. where u getting Ur roids bro Hehe jk nice vid

  3. Yo thanks man. Nice build by the way.

  4. am I the only one who thinks he is an men in black case (alien from another planet)!!!

  5. do i have to rest between the exercise or do the triset?

  6. I appreciate your time and thank you for the two new back workouts. I was doing the first one already.

  7. Dude…we know u shop at gnc……what do u get…😑🤔…..I think I just saw a lower back workout

  8. easiest workout for back i have ever done

  9. hey dudes what is your name

  10. You can say that 2:00 is one lower back killer workout

  11. beautiful rounded back while lifting weights not a good example.

  12. I've done this exercise 2 times daily for 2 weeks and I'm getting I fucking big back. Thank you!

  13. Very nice workout , will do it

  14. Pretty good for only three workouts. Good vid man.

  15. Are home workouts effective? Like no gym at all

  16. Dude that outro

    "Don't forget to like my shit, comment, subscribe….Holla At Cha Boy!!"

    🤔🤔 P.O.F.???

  17. Thanks for the tips bro, what weight dumbbell should I start with? I'm a skinny guy lol

  18. ma boy skipped leg day😂 still love you though

  19. Thanks for the video, can you please mention the name of each exercise? Best regards…

  20. Hi thanks for your video. Losing fat. Pushing 60. Got to get those abs. Just bought dumbbells. I want to send you picks as I go through your workout videos. Thanks bro. Be blessed

  21. How many times u said alright 😂😂

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