Barre – Free Full Length 30-Minute Cardio Ballet Workout (fat burning barre workout)

Barre – Free Full Length 30-Minute Cardio Ballet Workout (fat burning barre workout)

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  1. Its a good cardio workout, and just the right pace and duration.

  2. i like this video very much

  3. Really good work out. Love your style of teaching. Couldn't do it all but, will continue to try…of course!

  4. Dear Jessica, my name is Lesley and I'm from the Netherlands in Europa. I just wanted you to know that I love all your video's, but this one is my most favorite because of my ballet background when I was a young girl. Thank you so much for being so inspirational. Lots of love Lesley

  5. Love this quick workout! Thank you!

  6. Oh my gosh all the arms!!! Feeln like they got more of a workout than the rest of me!! Lol

  7. Amazing workout!!! Thank u so much:)

  8. Hi Jessica! I'm from Brazil. I found your video wonderful, inspiring. I still can not finish everything, but I have hopes (rsrsrs). Thanks.

  9. Thank you verymuch you help me a lot i do this every day im feeling great !

  10. I loved this workout! My cat Meisje, loved it too and she says hello to Peanut!

  11. really fun! i felt like a ballerina 🙂

  12. I'm going to try this workout because my nickname was peanut when I was little! Just like your little peanut laying next to you! Hopefully I wont be laying down after this workout.

  13. How many calories does this roughly burn? 🙂

  14. how many calories does this burn?

  15. Best cardio ever, it's the only one I can do and not feel out of breath. I could only do it for 25 minutes tho but still, thank you so much for this!!

  16. This is an incredible workout. It's the first time I've ever done ANYTHING ballet inspired. I was feeling the need to do something new so I googled "ballet aerobics". And I'm very pleased I did. The instruction is clear and easy to follow. The moves are simple enough for a stone cold beginner like myself. I'm a 51 year old yoga dude. This was just what the doctor ordered. I be back soon for a prescription refill 🙂 Thank you, Jessica TV

  17. love this. I'm so out of shape but got through half of it and will work up to the rest.

  18. just discovered this and love it!!

  19. Lo que me gusta es el Perro dormido atrás MI VIDA!!!!

  20. 1st time trial. at first i was underestimate, at the end i am sweat like hell!!! can i losse my weight by doing this everyday?

  21. i tried doing this but my feet/legs DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT go outwords…

  22. Good workout. First intense ballet video I've seen

  23. Today is the first day I try this. I weight 308 lbs (140 kg) and today I was able through 19 minutes of this workout. I don't know if it's healthy to my body but I never felt more alive.

  24. This workout is simply amazing! Loved it!

  25. can a boy do this too>? i mean me <_< lol

  26. Jessica, I love your workouts.. I have chronic osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.. I was wondering how do I download a workout to keep

  27. I adore this workout! I've done it many times and always enjoy it.

  28. I love this workout!! I do it everyday along with your other ballet workouts. brilliant!! 🙂

  29. Hi Jessica, I am so glad you found my YT channel cuz that's how I found yours! I love watching you. Your ballet is do-able, plus I love your music and dog. Please deep visiting my channel.
    Palm Springs Cindy

  30. Hey, Jessica! I've been doing your exercises weekly right before work, and they're a great burst of energy! I'm going to try this one tomorrow! It looks like it'll kill me, but I'm ready!

  31. I can't wait to do this I'm so ready. since all I have is the space to move.

  32. I expect I can't walk in slippers tomoro but that was great! Tnx!

  33. Love this Ballet Cardio — makes me feel so graceful and lithe.. dreams fulfilled, never took ballet and now I am able to experience it thanks so much… Peanut!

  34. I am happy that I found you ! Thank you it was sooo nice ♥


  36. I relate so much to that dog

  37. That dog is hilarious!

  38. Oooh lovely puppy : D he is so cute!

  39. just do it sweaty and ouch my shoulders thks for grace and strength from France kiss

  40. I really appreciate this workout!! As a dancer now without a barre atm 🙁 i needed a workout that still felt like dance. this is that workout, thank you so much!! I can still work on my technique as well. Thank you!!

  41. First time I've done barre and I love it.  Great workout!

  42. I think this one's my favorite. I really enjoy the graceful feel of ballet.

  43. I love your workouts and your teaching style. Your Barre workouts are always my go-to's lol. keep up the good work:)

  44. That was super fun – tough, but approachable – thank you!

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