Abraham Hicks ~ How to lose weight fast and Now!

Abraham Hicks ~ How to lose weight fast and Now!

The 3 Week Diet


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  5. de jo lenne ha valaki leforditana!

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  7. My cells jump for chocolate!!

  8. Eating from the inside out!
    Thank you!

  9. Beautiful discussion!!!!!!!!!!

  10. One Indian women saint born in 1498 , once she was given poison in food saying that this is Prasad of her God Krishna ( food one offers to God called prasad) She ate but did not die. It means what Abraham says that feel or believe food is your friend and it will not harm you , and other side I experience that when I do regular meditation I start feeling less interest in unhealthy food just like that without thinking about it.

  11. The part of Clorox Bleach really made me laugh! LOL

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