90’s Throwback HipHop Cardio Dance Workout @KeairaLaShae

90’s Throwback HipHop Cardio Dance Workout @KeairaLaShae

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  1. do anyone know how much calories this exercise burn?

  2. maybe someone answered this already but how many calories are burned?

  3. shoot that was my warmup lol

  4. Trying to follow these dance workouts with no coordination 😂

  5. I love this workout. My favorite by far. Thanks girl, keep doing what you do!

  6. Lol this is utter perfection!!

  7. lol I'm dying but was still moving

  8. Girl, I did your workouts over the summer and lost 20 pounds!!!! Gained some back so I'm back here again and sweating like no other! LOVE IT!!!! I'm a 90's baby too so this was a blast!!! <3

  9. This has to be my all-time favorite workout by you! Go #teamlashae! 🙂

  10. That's what's up u can't help but to love these workouts it needed to be longer I did it like 4 times thank u so much Keaira & ur friend Im #team KeairaLaShae all the way

  11. Заряд позитива на целый день!!! Спасибо огромнейшее, Keaira))

  12. This looks soooooo fun !!! Can't wait to try it? Maybe even with a best friend ^.^

  13. This video was everything I needed and then some! And the way she spoke to soul yes lord 😁 I live this video I'm going in again!

  14. This is by far the best dance workout that I love from your page!
    Im not kidding, I've done it like ten times already. It's so fun! the first three were to learn the moves, the rest were because it's so fun and addicting!

  15. I remember doing ALL of these dances when I was younger like it wasn't nothing & for hours on in, now after a 5 min set I can barely catch my breath!! #True80sbaby

  16. This actually helped me learn how to dance 😀 This is the best dance tutorial ever! :DD

  17. I've been following you for two years now and finally decided to try this workout. By far the most fun I've had!!!

  18. damn girl, im in love and im a girl too 😀

  19. I wish this video was longer.

  20. Omg I did this without pausing, but I almost died! I had so much fun though I did it again after giving myself a short break. I'm trying to lose the last bit of baby weight I have. I love theses quick workouts because I can do them in between caring for the baby. Thanks for posing.

  21. Tried this one out today for new cross training routines for CPC15.. so fun!  Especially since "Push It" is on the TV commercial, I now feel like I could be in it 😉  Thanks!

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