5-Minute Arm Toning Workout Without Weights | Class FitSugar

5-Minute Arm Toning Workout Without Weights | Class FitSugar

The 3 Week Diet


  1. I'm a 10 year old girl in 5th grade and I always get bullied for being weak and now thanks to popsugar fitness I have gotten stronger 💪

  2. problem is it hurts my wrists pretty bad when i do it :/ anyone has a tip or knows why?

  3. I was doing his workout in my hall

  4. I wanna be strong and stuff but I don't want to have muscles , will this get me muscles ?

  5. Um… on second thought, I think I'll buy the weights

  6. She says that you can do these anywhere. The people in court didn't agree.

  7. I did it in my living room before going out to dinner on a Friday evening =)

  8. at home in my living room

  9. Just did it, fell on the ground while doing the last one. hahahha
    nice work out, you got one more subscriber😍😍

  10. If you're trying to build muscle, it helps to use a supplement. I have been using DA from musclechief. net. It has been going really well so far.

  11. Bruh I'm 12 and I can do this easily, I don't get other people's struggles

  12. looks easy…but not those sounds she makes?!!😂

  13. Hi, I'm Amy. I wanted to ask. I recently started to workout my arms. Is it normal to feel the sore on your shoulders? Instead of the biceps area? Did i do it wrong? Would appreciate if anyone can tell me before i make another mistake. Thanks.

  14. furchtbar. die Hälfte der Übungen falsch und null körperspannung.

  15. i'm doing this in school😂

  16. Everybody is saying that they're doing this "to get in shape" or "to get that summer body" and then there's me who just wants awesome muscles just because😂

  17. thank you just done 3 of these 5 min work outs love your channel 💖 I was doing it in my small space in my bedroom x

  18. 2:33 She Is Looking For Likes Hehhehe

  19. In the grange on my gymnastics mat lol

  20. Very hard but short exercise. Great if you don't have enough time or you just need a break from your study.

  21. I did it in my bedroom because people are down stairs

  22. Really good! I did this in my living room and was absolutely killing it with that inchworm/plank exercise- it was hard, but I made it. Thanks!

  23. Omg.. i did it till 1:05…almost there!! im prowd of my self!!

  24. I didnt even start yet and my legs are already hurting… MEEEEHHH

  25. Im gonna use this for pauses between my homework!!! YEAH GIRL!!! IM GONNA BE A GOOD PERSON!!!! YEAH!!! THATS MAH SPIRIT FOR THE COMMING YEAR!!!!! (Wish me luck i need it 😫)

  26. Jesus, those triceps push ups… I'm dead

  27. second day: I still can't go down slowly and gracefully, i still can't go up.

  28. Great. thanks a lot. l did this in my living room.

  29. I am already super skinny I am 12 and I only weigh 70 lbs. but my arms are really skinny and thin and I want some muscle

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