30 Min. HIIT The Ground Running!!! Cardio Workout | One HIIT Wonders #08

30 Min. HIIT The Ground Running!!! Cardio Workout | One HIIT Wonders #08

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  1. I love all of your videos so much! Thank you for what you do and for being you! Me and my boyfriend watch your videos together and try to complete a different series every month. Idk if this has come up before but have you ever thought about doing couples work out videos?? Where the two people use each other to do various exercises, for example, one person wraps their legs around the front of the other person's body so the person is holding them up, and then that person does a squat and the person with their legs wrapped around leans back and does a crunch to come back up. It would be amazing if you made a series of various partner exercises like that with your wife!

  2. Lately I've been wanting an excuse to not workout, but I found this a few weeks ago. This is now part of my workout routine, and I do this every Monday. Thanks! 🙂

  3. I started cracking up 30 seconds in

  4. ddos this guy off YouTube please

  5. great workout love all your workouts

  6. Hey, so I say your meal for the day, are you vegetarian, because if you are do you know any good meal plans to staying lean, or good websites I can read more about meal planing. I find it hard sometimes to eat the right way when your vegetarian. Thank you and please let me know.

  7. Another day down, thanks again.

  8. I like the 30 minute intense workouts!! I have the same dip bar but where did you get the pull up bar?

  9. Woke up this morning with my body sore and looking for an excuse to not workout…… I COULDN'T FIND ONE!! And this workout taught me a lesson! Work out! Feel great! Soreness gone!! (Until tomorrow! Lol) Thanks Mil

  10. New subscriber! This is the very first workout I did on your channel and I absolutely love it!!!!

  11. thanks for the great vids! helped me get in shape and really changed my life! can you do a seated HIIT workout for people with injured knees who still want a good 90 minute exercise routine?

  12. You are crazy (in an awesome way). You rock! I love the sprinter drills! Great stuff, Mill Hoy!

  13. Hoy can you make a series for sports athletes that will strengthen their either agility, muscles, etc. For example soccer players. I'm in soccer would love to work on more than just just soccer practice. 🙂 BTW, enjoying your workouts, even so!!!

  14. Love your work!! its so good 😀

  15. Good one Mill…you're on fire with these One HIIT Wonders!

  16. Sorry, i'm new to your channel, and this is around my 5th workout with you. Anyway, Im wondering why theres two separate calories at the bottom left corner. I loveee your consistency by the way. #Subbie

  17. did the cardio part twice!! thanks as always your amazing!!!

  18. You are awesome. Thank you!

  19. I love this channel so much, you have got every workout on earth perfect for any time

  20. Pls .. Change ur warmup routine!!

  21. Great video! I'm too vain rep my sweat online. Your videos are the best!

  22. Such a good workout today Mill, thanks!

  23. Dude, me and my friend just worked out with you. You are amazing. Thank you so
    Much for making these videos and helping me and my friend get the body we deserve!

  24. Just watched this through. I'm gonna do this as a cheeky extra workout tomorrow after parts 1 and 2 of day 8 of HIIT/stronger! Your workouts are amazing!! They really get me working!!!

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