30 Min. Full Body Beginners Cardio HIIT Home Workout – No Equipment | Beginner HIIT #13

30 Min. Full Body Beginners Cardio HIIT Home Workout – No Equipment | Beginner HIIT #13

The 3 Week Diet


  1. Done Day 13!!!!!!!!! I'm so tired, I wasn't going to finish my workout because I felt too tired but I did it anyway. Now, I'm gong to go and stretch. Good luck everyone and keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for kicking my butt again, Mil.

  3. Switched rest day yesterday for today. Done and Done!

  4. You are awesome! This is a nice workout challenge!

  5. Day 13 done!! My legs are killing me. Looking forward to that stretch tomorrow!

  6. #day14. Couldn't have done it without the fist bump!

  7. That ab work out was a killer! Day 13!

  8. OK Chicago! Good workout today.

  9. Woo, I absolutely love these workouts. I do your workouts plus go to the gym. I should be further in your program but I go to the gym every other day and do your workouts when I'm not in the gym. I love incorporating strength in my workouts so with your workouts I tend to have weights for some of the exercises. Today I did day 13 and re did day 12 too. Thanks Millionaire Hoy. I appreciate you sir.

  10. it's amazing whatttt i am two weeks here already?!? See yya tomorrow and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE 🙂 <3 (My goal this year: trying to do sport ever day)

  11. disappointed I didnt work out for the past 7 days, was away for a few days and sick for another days, feel like am starting at square 1 but was gonna give up entirely but felt I gotta keep going, keep pushing, rather miss 7 days than 7 weeks!! So here I am completed day 13 ( hopefully I can squeeze in day 14 later on) *FIST BUMP BOOM*

  12. 13th day fist bumppp Bommmbb!

  13. Finally finished week 2!!! Love these workouts!

  14. super helpful to have the preview of the next exercise!!! great video, well done

  15. cant feel my legs but still here and feeling stronger 👍👍👍

  16. I really like this workout!

  17. This was a great workout to get back into it after a long break! Thanks Hoy!

  18. A couple of days behind due to time (still running every day). Going straight into stretch day to try and catch up. See you all in 30 minutes.

  19. Day 13, tired but inspired to keep going, peace out!

  20. Day 13 DONE!!! the abs oh the abs aree on fireeee. feeling great! another HUGE thanks Hoy <33

  21. had a really bad day but after this workout im feelin great again 🙂

  22. My favorite part is the Fist bump hahaha 👊🏽 (I'm from chile 🇨🇱)

  23. I'm learning so much from this series. Thanks!

  24. WOO. Should've eaten something before I thought to try this, holy shit. xD I got to 9:00 minutes left before I had to quit. My stomach was in so much pain, and I'm so sweaty, but HOLY SHIT WAS THAT WORTH IT. Time to take a nice relaxing shower.

  25. Hey mill, I usually just drink a coffee for breakfast and on school they guv me a jam and cheese sandwich with a cereal bar is that ok?

  26. Boom👊🏻 I took I rest week cos I got sick but happy to be back on track!

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