30 Min. CARDIO HIIT Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

30 Min. CARDIO HIIT Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

The 3 Week Diet

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  1. Please hit the LIKE button + share this video with at least one friend who is SERIOUS about getting in shape.
    Subscribe for over 800+ workouts and new workouts every week. Best of luck with your fitness goals. ???

  2. How much should i do this a week

  3. Great video, thanks for sharing ? ??? ?
    Have a happy weekend

  4. Yr videos are amazing , thankyou so much for making them!

  5. this is the perfect workout! How did I not find you before?? Your awesome! Totally subscribing!

  6. 8:48 left. Dead. Better luck in a month, i hope.

  7. Wow HIT this was an excellent workout. thank you very much for making these videos.

  8. Thank you for making this video! 🙂 I'm sweating buckets right now!

  9. I'm so glad I found you!!!!
    I scrolled down to what appears to be your very first workout video. I want to do them ALL.
    Thanks a million. ?

  10. I started doing this everyday this is my 2nd day hope I do it for my whole summer

  11. great killing workout, my legs could not follow it, great instructions and demonstrations, bravo

  12. Is this safe for me? My body weight and height = 120 kg (265 pounds) & 170 cm. I really want to try this.

  13. great workout …thanks how much I do for weight loss.and..

  14. HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH your voice in this videeo is sooo serious!!!!! ;D veit anyways 😀

  15. Absolut geiles Workout; bin komplett am Ende (y) 🙂

  16. Thanks for the workout homie! It's an amazing warm-up before hitting the weights!

  17. Amazing workout, many thanks! Frog hops forced my legs burn 🙂 I found your channel yesterday and I'm very inspired 🙂

  18. is that good for women?

  19. I am 15yo 179 cm and 102.8 kg i just withstand only 17 minutes thats normal?

  20. My Friend, thanks for the routine 😀

  21. I am still working on the same problem about my dive bomber: The strengh to going back to the starting position. But i must say that divebomb is a cool push ups variation. 🙂

  22. Hey I'm a heavy man I will be honest overweight to be exact. and I would love to make a change, I wanted to lose weight and gain a fair amount of muscle in the process any tips? as in workouts and calorie intake a day.

  23. Awesome workout, I almost puked in that last set. But m glad that I made it. Thanks a lot HOY . Looking forward to some more ass kicking cardios.

  24. Just did your work out! great one thank you!! I will keep this up every morning when I get up!

  25. I've been doing your most recent work outs since the beginning of the year, only came across this one today and at first was sceptical but absolutely loved it & was a sweaty mess by the end :'D

  26. its my first time for cardio. and i just reach 15 mins of ur video. any advice for improvements???? tnx for ur video by the way.

  27. It hurts in my stomach at 16:00 in the video and then i cant do rest of the workout. I'm not fat so nothing about that. Pretty well trained but I don't even know what the issue is. Can you share your theories?

  28. Hoy do u have any idea how many calories I will burn from this workout?

  29. how many times a week you recommand these types of workout ??

  30. Should I consider doing these workouts if I have shin split? I feel like running would start giving me stress fractures and like you say " I need to take care of myself. I made it just through 15 minutes and my shin feels like it's getting stabbed.

  31. Only one mistake he does, that you shouldn´t do!!!
    Don´t wear all black if you´re doing your workout in the backyard xD

  32. Dos this help you build muscle ?

  33. Can I do this workout everyday? In this moment I'm doing it 3 times per week. What routine do you recommend to do between days?

  34. First time I come across your channel.  Excellent workout!  Sweating profusely and feeling like a million dollars. So, like Arnold said:  I´ll be back…

  35. You have an amazing workout plans been watching you for awhile and just want to thank you for all the time and energy you put to make incredible videos for everyone. Thank you!!!!:)

  36. Just started getting in shape using xbox fitness, it has stopped working so came across this on youtube. Excellent, will probably use your videos instead from now as I'm drenched in sweat and feeling good. Keep up the food work helping people get healthier

  37. I really love your workout, nice job. It's really good and not too demanding and exhausting. I am quite overweight and intimidated by exercises like p90 but yours is absolutely perfect and not extremely demanding. Very nice job, man. Thank you so much.

  38. please make more workouts of this kind….drenched in sweat but not too punishing to my shoulders…well, at least to me , its the easiest workout in your playlist (-:….tried your other routines but my shoulder injury has recurred so i had to ease down a little bit

  39. I love all your workouts they help so much

  40. Your workout is perfect. I just started and im finding it exhausting but doable. Thanks for this awesome video. Cheers!!

  41. I'm doing a 30 minute run every day at the evening, but I'm considering doing this as well in the start of the day 🙂 thanks for thee great exercise! It's crazy hard but feels so good afterwards.

  42. Done it again. Awesome! 

  43. Liking the intense of this workout! Keep it up.

  44. what kind of diet would you suggest with this exercise? or what kind of food would you suggest to stop eating.
    please help me out here!

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