25 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – HIIT Beginner Workout Routine at Home for Women Men

25 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – HIIT Beginner Workout Routine at Home for Women Men

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  2. thanks for the amazing workout !

  3. thanks guys i am a child and i found it very good and it helped i have the same weights as the man

  4. I really sweated & felt the burn. Just when I wanted to give up, they said the most encouraging words to keep me on course. ❤️👍🏾

  5. Hey guys I jus joined….. jus wanted to say hey…. I jus did this workout and it's amazing thank you guys so much….. I'm 243lbs and my goal weight is 155lbs so happy to start this workout journey with you guys and I can't wait to get to my ideal weight….. praying it's before summertime lol

  6. I just found you guys and I am so happy that I did! Where I live the weather is crappy at this time of year and it makes it hard to motivate myself to get outside to run/work out. This was the perfect 25 min work out and I was able to do it in my bedroom! Just subscribed I look forward to working out with you guys again! 🙂

  7. I what to ask u something what kind of shake or vitamins I can take

  8. I just started the beginners program yesterday, needless to say, this is tough but definitely easier than yesterday.

  9. I'm 12 and I'm not really active and this really helped! I'm going to start doing a 25-30 min workout everyday, using your channel!❤️ Thank You So Much!!

  10. Another awesome workout with Coach Kozak and Claudia! Seriously, the best workouts out there! Keep up the great work and I'll see you at my next workout!

  11. This is my 3rd HIIT workout ever! Love how arms are incorporated…I used 5 lb weights. Rotating focus on legs or arms every other HIIT workout will benefit maximum muscle building. A 10 min light cardio exercise afterwards reduces leg muscle soreness (DOMS) for me. Exercise is psychological not only physical. Thank you for motivation with your workouts!

  12. First day to a better body! My exercise buddy turned me on to HASfit. Thank you , thank you, thank you!

  13. wow..this is the best cardio workout…you guys rock

  14. another workout done!! Just wondering, do you have any tips on how to eat healthy??

  15. Hey there guys, just wanted to say I really appreciate your videos. I'm nearly 180kg and not heaps comfortable walking into a gym – you make it easy for me to fit this into my day & give me options that are safe and effective. Keep being awesome xx

  16. jeez you guys have killed me but thank you for this, i really tht motivation at the end. another round tomorrow for me

  17. I am loving working out with you two ! I was unsure how I could keep motivated through a trainer on the internet but you are SO motivating and kind ! When I'm at a comfortable place in my weight loss journey I'll be sure to share photos of how you have helped ! (( I'm even checking out your food videos … thank you for it all !! ))

  18. love your exercises guys. It's good to know how many calories we can burn in 25 minutes. i have lower back problems and knee problem. can you recommend me some of your videos for beginners eventually some intermediate level videos? i'd like to lose belly fat, work out some abs(easy workout), butt and thigs. You are doing great a job! Good to have you here!

  19. thank god for these low intensity videos I stopped working out for 2 months and I tried do the high intensity workouts I used to do but I couldn't so I'll do these and then up the intensity

  20. on monday i couldn't do the warm up…today i finished strong doing most of the harder moves! next monday ill move up to the 30 min video, because i already feel stronger and more energetic! thank you so much, yall are not annoying or fake "happy", you remind me to breath and keep my posture correct, i wish i had found you last year!!

  21. i have weak knee so this low impact workout really helpful !!  after i finish this i feel so great and my knee is safe. thanks 😀

  22. Love this low intensive Workout!!

  23. This is good – whenever I sprain my ankle or knee doing the harder stuff or running, I can pull this up and still get a good work out without making injuries worse. Sweet.

  24. Working out with you is always fun and challenging, i really enjoy it and i know it's going to be amazing results. So much love from Cali, Colombia 🙂

  25. great workouts thanks a lot

  26. Great workout, low impact options were great for me, I have some joints injuries, so it fits great, I sweat a lot and at the end I feel really good and not too tired, thanks for sharing.

  27. Perfect for beginners. I'm extremely overweight and for my first day back in the game, following claudias moves I was able to keep going and keep pushing with just enough energy to complete the circuit.

  28. Thank you so much, needed that! Love the motivational quotes too. Have a great day

  29. Is this workout good for weight loss?

  30. I'm starting to do your workout everyday and it helps
    me a lot and I'm only 9 😂

  31. yet another great workout for those of us who are in our 50's and have joint issues this one was fab many thanks from the UK x

  32. I like this work out system I'm trying to start working out everyday at least an hour may one of these vids and then 30 minute jogging

  33. I haven't world out in months so I decided to get back into exercising, but I don't have money to buy workout routine dvds… So this just helps out so much its great exercise its also amazing routines to go workout too day to day…Thanks for making these videos !!!! 😉

  34. Thank you! great way to ease back into working out.

  35. the video is not working

  36. yippeee… helped me out so well.. thanx guys 🙂

  37. Great video! Got my heart rate up! Love you both!

  38. Can I do this workout every day?

  39. Virtual high 5!🖐

  40. Hi. Came across your video. I have had the flu for the last few days and this is a nice light workout to do instead of not doing anything. I also like how you have the calories on the top left. All the best to you both. From me in New Zealand.

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