20 Min Chair Exercises Sitting Down Workout – Seated Exercise for Seniors, Elderly, & EVERYONE ELSE

20 Min Chair Exercises Sitting Down Workout – Seated Exercise for Seniors, Elderly, & EVERYONE ELSE

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  2. I have ms and use this video is great ~

  3. 720 minute workout is absolutely wonderful for people with back issues I can get a nice workout increase my strength and feel like I've accomplished something without killing my back

  4. Thanks for this. I just injured my ankle during a run, and desperately needed a good workout until I'm healed up. You guys are awesome.

  5. Glad i found your chair exercise. perfect for me Thank You always a fan

  6. Thanks so much! I struggle with chronic physical issues as well as recovery from major surgery, and these workouts are at a great level for me to become fit again, without feeling embarrassed because I can't keep up in the gym. Thank you again.

  7. So awesome you are thinking of people who can't do more challenging exercises. You guys at HASfit are fantastic!

  8. good set of exercises..involves upper and lower body. great job guys. felt really good after the session. Iam preparing for an important exam so I barely go out of my home…this 20-25 min workout really works for me. 😁😁

  9. Glad I found this VDO! I can do only a few move since I have an accident last year. Thx guys for what you do 🙂

  10. I truly enjoyed this workout because it was challenging enough for folks who are not necessarily "beginners" but yet easy enough for those of us who have a few more extra pounds. Keep'em coming!

  11. Your workout chair exercise really motivates me. I just started to workout with your video. Great job

  12. I just finished the workout. Whew . I feel it! More please!

  13. Oh, this is great I have vertigo artacks at times and was worried about work ing out because many routines are done standing and moving. I definitely feel this workout . Thank you, thank you , thank you. Please post more chair workouts . Who knew sitting could be aerobic?

  14. you guys are Fantastic workouts for everyone! thank you so much

  15. This is perfect for someone like myself who has a broken foot!!!

  16. Thank you Claudia & Coach Kozak! Im injured right now and this is what I need!

  17. I came here yesterday, telling all [email protected],,and neck an back, hip,boo boos,I feel Blessed to have found ya'll! I am here to fight back for my body!Thanks.

  18. I'm currently in my second trimester and I have fibromyalgia and pgp and I really enjoyed this. It's very important to me to stay as active as possible so this is definitely getting added to my workout regime. ^_^

  19. So glad I found you both..I'm 63 years young..lost 35 Lbs this past year semi retired Nurse…and walk about 2 1/2-3 miles a day..long story short may have a Meniscus tear in my knee..Yikes! Ill find out more tomorrow. I know my limitations. But so needed to do this for my body and MIND! TY for putting this out there for people..for most don't know what they have until its gone.

  20. Nah do nobody do this workout unless like he said old and elderly. If your young don't be lazy and do this chair workout.

  21. Just found you , thank you really need your help ,loved your work out . Be back tomorrow …

  22. I have both of my legs with contractions and quadriceps tendonitis, so I have been in recovery for at least 3 weeks and I was getting bored but I didnt know what to do till I found this video. although I kept the leg part away it seems it worked well for me to start and get my way back to exercising… but I am still afraid of not getting better :l thank you for this

  23. wow! love this seated xcercise thanks

  24. Spa Girl likes it for granny.🌸

  25. Thank you for these videos! Truly a life saver. I am recovering from R Knee surgery, and a broken Left Ankle. I love that I can make these more challenging, and feel like I'm still active.

  26. Hello is there any way you could help us out with limited mobility issues not just senior wise, more like being wheelchair/bed bound from low back pain spine damage such as herniated discs or following a car accident,foot or leg breaks etc.Also is there a way to help nerve damage in the legs and strengthening those leg muscles from deterioration after some time of being in a wheel chair.

  27. I want to thank you. I really enjoy this program. I hurt my knee a few weeks ago.. I also have CMT and COPD which makes it hard for me to exercise. And because I lose my balance so I found that I can do these. I cannot finish all of them but I do what every I can and every time I get a little stronger. I want to thank you for them God bless . My hope is to strengthen my muscles and increase my balance.

  28. how many days do I need to do this workout to see weight loss results?

  29. Great workout video. I just finished it!!!

  30. Just found you guys. Started working with this video tonight. Felt amazing. Thank you for this.

  31. Like this vid. and good explanations too.

  32. I love your chair exrercises and want to thank you for them again I am a lazy person and therefore these exercises are the best. Thank you both.

  33. THANK YOU so much!I am 64 yrs with severe degenerative osteoarthritis and because of pain and severe spinal stenosis cannot do traditional exercises. I used to walk 25 miles a week but now fine it hard to walk around my apartment. This and other of your seated exercises are PERFECT for me. I can feel the benefits as I do the 20 min sets. I work up a little sweat and feel energized by time I'm thru!!

  34. I am happy that I discovered this workout, I hurt my ankle while running so I wanted a workout that will take me off my feet. And plus I am a nurse this will be a good recommendation for my clients

  35. How come I cannot add you as my friend on the Facebook?.

  36. Thanks to your exercise my weights come down before my weight is 80.1pounds now my weight is 79.1pounds thank you Bao much.

  37. it is great exrcise for me thanks for you

  38. Thanks. Before my weight is 81.9lbs now my weight is 80.1lbs. I use your exercise thanks again. I go into your Facebook don't have Massager on your Facebook I want to add you on my Facebook please?.

  39. This has been so helpful. I have vitamin deficiencies and a torn muscle which makes it hard to walk. Heck very painful! I really feel the stretch with these exercises!

  40. day two woo hoo! love it!

  41. Hello this is my first time visiting your site and I really enjoyed the video. My knees kind of keep me from working out as I would like so this chair wo was great. It got my heart rate up and i feel good, thank you and im looking forward to more great wo"s.. thanx !!!

  42. woo hoo! i did it, thank you!!

  43. this will be very good for me, having had back surgery a few years back, i am also diabetic and my hips aren't in the best condition. this looks like a really good workout for me. i have hope now! thank you!

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