2 Moves to Bigger Traps (TRAP WORKOUT MUSTS!)

2 Moves to Bigger Traps (TRAP WORKOUT MUSTS!)

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  1. training lower/middle traps is much more important than the upper traps…for stability and overall back strength…

  2. Cool thanks brosky that's cool as hell

  3. why does he runs out of breath so fast

  4. Excellent video again, really helpful, thanks! 😁

  5. like most bodybuilders its hard to take advice from someone else started when I was 14 I'm 36 with stops for a year or two here and there for different reasons. 1st exercise I did from u was able arms were u stand up straight facing the macine with the height put at your height and just do concentration. URLs from ur forehead to maybe the top of ur head man my arms were sore the next day when I usually don't get sore till waking up the second day

  6. Just wondering why on the 2nd demonstation of the cable turn-and-pull exercise, jeff seemed to be finishing in a position very narrow and close to his side? He's always advocated against it, like the first demo where he's facing Away from the machine it looked legit, but the 2nd version facing the machine, I was expecting him to use his left hand instead?

  7. What exercises can a woman do for chest after(2 months and beyond) post breast implants? I'm really wanting to help my wife.

  8. jeff is a good guy. smart. informative. edumacated…..

  9. I like the angle of the shrug but not crazy about the rotation. I prefer to do separate retractions.

  10. thanks for the tip Jeff I will definitely try that out👍👍

  11. Jeff always has an anatomically intelligent approach. Thanks Jeff!

  12. I want my physique to be like of Jeff.

  13. Wow the plate up and down really works I feel my traps the next day everytime I do them 👌🏻

  14. my traps sucked worse than a Muslim terror chief Obama presidency. ….thanks to Jeff they TRUMP the rest of my bodtparts.

  15. Pretty good videos . I often watch them as references.👍🏻💪🏼

  16. very helpful thanks Jeff

  17. I'm glad he told me to lower it back down eccentrically, I would otherwise have been confused and lowered it isometrically or something. All jokes aside, this will help me out greatly

  18. Would there be anything wrong with shrugging while you do those raises?

  19. U are a really great source of spreading effective methods of workout

  20. hey do a videos on neck muscle!!!!!!!!!

  21. @Jeff!! You're the man… #body physiq goals! I'm gonna order your program soon. It's a shame that I live in the Netherlands or else I would visit you sometimes and loved to workout togheter… greets from Holland.

  22. you're awesome jeff!…keep up the good info.

  23. This guys has always been helping me out. I always enjoy his videos.

  24. I'm ganna add this to my work out now Thames

  25. I've learned a lot from this channel, thank you.

  26. rack pulls above the knees crew

  27. this video give me one more reason to accept your awesome skills and knowledge..
    this is really helpful

  28. Lol if you really want to grow traps then go heavy as you can on shrugs with wrist wraps and do above the knee rack pulls. If you don't believe me look up "Alphadestiny traps."

  29. how long will it take me to gain big a traps? as im only 15 my body is still growing but does anyone have any idea how to get these at my age???

  30. Great info on trap development.

  31. So I just started doing your trap and back workouts exclusively about 2 weeks ago. I'll let you know how it goes, but so far my favorites are the first one you show here (shrug with a back twist) and one from another video where you're doing a W raise that rotates the dumb bells (for key rotator cuff action). I'll keep you posted!

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