15 Minute Senior Workout – Low Impact Exercises for Seniors Elderly Men & Women Older People

15 Minute Senior Workout – Low Impact Exercises for Seniors Elderly Men & Women Older People

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  1. i am moroccan, really i like your vidéos .thank u

  2. That's it! I'm hooked!! Not only on the perfect workout for after my walk, but your loving approach! Your kindness and caring JUMPS off the screen! I am grateful.

  3. My husband and I have been doing the 15 min. senior workout every morning for a few months now and it has certainly helped us to get a little more agile and we think healthier.

  4. Thanks, have spurs, degenerative disc, ect…. trying to build body up, not give in,at 60,this is wonderful, might need a few extra med.s to get going,but feel sure i will use less an less it time!! God bless .

  5. Hey HASfit, i started performing this routine for my mother help her gain her strength back.

    One question though, would it be beneficial for her to do these 5 days a week with a 2 day rest period?

  6. I haven't worked out in years and found you off the bat ! I love you guys ! your what I wanted for so long and couldn't find ! thank you

  7. You are a great coach! I enjoyed your workout very much, thanks so much for sharing!

  8. We are up to 10 people from our Region 12 work site!

  9. First time and loved it! How can I improve my balance?

  10. I can do this one without feeling like I'm going to fall over or have a stroke! I'm 63 and absolutely love this! Thanks! Daily Burn had nothing for seniors, so I'm dumping them!

  11. Today is day 3 of my 15 minute Senior workout with Coach Kozak. I am 56 and had a heart attack just after Thanksgiving 2016. I love this video because from day one I've been able to keep up! It feels so good to finally find a workout plan I can do as cardiac rehab at home. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for these wonderful videos and I plan on working my way up with you! Love you guys!

  12. I'm 48 and I just finished day 5 of your workout-I tried another workout on Monday but I kept having to sit down and I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I needed something more on my level of physical fitness to start me on my journey-I love your workout and the coaching, understanding and encouragement you provide throughout. I'm so happy I found you!

  13. just started this as part of my new year get fit… so am a bit behind… i'm 63 and found this a great routine after the 5 minute stretching. thank you coach

  14. Good workout. My wife (64) and me (66) exercise with it in combination with a stretching and a cardio workout every day in training for a trekking aventure on may. Thanks.

  15. I work at a nursing home in activities, and your channel helps me create more challenging workouts for my residents. I no longer feel like we do the same thing all the time! Thank you!!

  16. i am 57 with high blood pressure,, my first day and really enjoyed it.. Thank you.

  17. I have been doing one of your other senior workouts for over a year now and it has helped me stay in shape at 66. This one has added more exercises to my routine and I am now doing a half hour of exercises. You are a great teacher as you make these easy to follow and do.

  18. Will I be able to lose weight doing you low impact work outs? I'm 5'2 about 140lbs gained about 20lbs in a yr with neck and feet issues and get awful headaches if I do hard workouts. :0(

  19. I'm 62 and haven't done exercises in a while and this exercise is great for everyday to keep the muscles lose and your day going. Thank you!

  20. Another awesome workout, you have really inspired me to keep fit, you make it seem like fun to do them too! Many thanks!

  21. Thank you I'm 70 years old and have let myself go. 🚶‍♀️Thank you for providing these routines … i feel myself coming back 💃

  22. thank you so much for this new video for seniors, I've really enjoyed it!

  23. Exactly what I was looking for in addition to the chair exercises…Thanks a lot!

  24. I wanted to thank you, I'm young, but have fibromyalgia and this work out and another one that is in this channel help me a lot with pain and flexibility. Thank you for your istructions! 🙂

  25. I'm 67…just what i needed!!

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