15-MInute Core Workout to Transform Your Body | Class FitSugar

15-MInute Core Workout to Transform Your Body | Class FitSugar

The 3 Week Diet


  1. Hi Anna I am 245lbs and 5 foot 11 use to be 6 foot 2 and 215. I also had a baby 1 year ago and really need to loose my flabby stomach! Any suggestions? I use this workout and the tone and ab workout 15 mins with weights… Thank you so much! The balance part is kicking my ass and im sweating terribly!! Woot!

  2. spider crunch was too much for my wrists

  3. any excercise for coller bone?

  4. just 15min but after this workout you're sweating like you had done a long running 🏃 💪

  5. I love her cheerful energy and how cardio is balanced with floor. Thank you for the compact but effective workout 🙂

  6. do we need a warmup before this?

  7. bro I have my head phones in she sounds like a MLG shrek god

  8. my role model fr fitness…anna 🙂 addictd to all your videos 🙂

  9. hello anna i love all your videos!, is any special video, that can you recomend to me ,to lose the belly, i have been doing so diferent vdeos, but i have not seen any result yet?

  10. My face and body are covered in sweat but I feel so good. Thanks a lot for this workout, it's so cool and inspiring!

  11. Excellent short rutine! I love when you don't have to run to sweat and still have cardio!

  12. I made it all the way through and I'm sweating .like a dog

  13. just did this 😧😧😧😧killed me

  14. i'm sooo happy that i did this <3

  15. This was great! I loved the challenge. But, then again, I have enjoyed many of your workouts. They may be short, but they are effective!

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