15 Min. Quick Cardio Abs HIIT Workout | 15 Min. Express AMRAP Workout #04

15 Min. Quick Cardio Abs HIIT Workout | 15 Min. Express AMRAP Workout #04

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  1. Loved it! Always looking for a quick morning hiit that targets the core. The fast pace/ high energy in this was a switch up from the usual, in a good way! Thanks

  2. The mountain reachers was surprisingly tricky, I had crazy thought that it could injured my ankles LoL. Thank you for creating the short Amrap series MillHoy 🙂

  3. Damn this was a lot of fun. I'm a drenched messed. Best HIIT cardio session I've ever taken. I can't wait to see what more you have!

  4. That was amazing!! You are amazing! Thank you brother for your contribution and support!

  5. I am now drenched in SWEAT !!! Thanks SO MUCH!!! 🙂

  6. Thank for this short intense workout!! I LOVE it  and want more!!!
    I love your enthusiasm and that you provide a good warm up and cool  down as well as alternatives for lower impact. Keep the short ones coming!Can you do a standing ab workout that includes floor work, but no upper body based planks etc ? I have a shoulder injury, so I can do those even  though I miss them terribly. I am ready to have a good breakfast and take on my awesome day at work! I love it! Thank you!

  7. Thank you, Millionaire Hoy.

  8. Yea… I am eating a slice of apple pie after this…

  9. I have been lifting a lot of heavy weight and doing cardio strength…I could NOT get my legs to feel light. Do I need to just stretch. You KNOW ME if I had to do low impact on two knee runs because ,y legs will not move there is a problem lol,wth?

  10. Love it and after a stressful day I am done …thank u

  11. This is great!  Thanks!  Very convenient when I'm in a hurry (translation: lazy) 😉

  12. @$(;:;&@)(;/__::;) wtf this good but damn wtf@_@

  13. Boom !!!! Express Squats here we come. Oh Yeah

  14. loved this workout! short yet challenging.

  15. I could not decide to do standing abs or kickboxing now i can do both and adding the silent one too love this its on tonight

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