15 Min Hurricane Cardio Workout – HASfit Cardio Exercises at Home – Best Cardio Workouts

15 Min Hurricane Cardio Workout – HASfit Cardio Exercises at Home – Best Cardio Workouts

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  1. Woohoo!  My body is flaming right now.  Super awesome workout and video.  Thank you 2 so much!

  2. The man sound like he is gonna die but the lady isn't exhausted at all.
    Reflection of how it goes in real life marriage, I guess.

  3. Well i start it tomorrow and see if it does anything I need to loose a bit of fat.

  4. This is pain but a blessing!

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  6. challenge challenge but oh so worth it! Feel great!

  7. "nice and tight Claudia!!push it push it!!"" ahahhahhaah coac K the best!

  8. Thanks for another intense, fast workout, Coach K and Claudia! These 10-25 min sessions fit into my busy schedule as a business owner, wife, and mom. Keep them coming, please!

  9. That headband is next level swag.

  10. ahhhh those two coaches are just adorable!!!! I going to go downstairs and try this right now in between the 300 triceps and 300 biceps.

  11. geeeeeeez !! woooooooow that was rough!! great challenge to keep pushing!! thanks guys!!

  12. Awesome work out. my legs hate me though

  13. I have already tried two of your workouts and WOW! I love them! Keep them coming. As a stay at home Mom I need to change up often so this is awesome!

  14. Is this good for shredding?

  15. Okay, making progress… today I did mostly the beginners but I also was able to do a few of the harder ones as well. Thanks for kicking my butt!

  16. OMG, this is intense.  Thanks so much and I love you guys doing videos together.  My hubby and I get a kick out of working out with you both!

  17. another butt kicking workout! thanks!

  18. Nice couple!
    Thank you

  19. Wow this one was a killer great workout coach !

  20. Strange I'm also sure he said terrible after the work out. I wonder why!

  21. Listen to Claudia, she will not steer you wrong! Great team, great work, loved it! Congrats to both of you, the dynamic duo! Thanks so much!

  22. The 15 minute Hurricane cardio workout will get your heart rate up and burn calories in a hurry!

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