15 Min Chest Workout at Home – Chest Workouts with Dumbbells – Pectoral Exercises for Men & Women

15 Min Chest Workout at Home – Chest Workouts with Dumbbells – Pectoral Exercises for Men & Women

The 3 Week Diet


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  2. I love your workouts.. I have been following them since 2 weeks and already started seeing results.. plz keep uploading more videos and keep helping us… once again thank you so much…

  3. Thanks a lot but i'm beginner and my chest and triceps are burning really. Aspecially my tripecs are dead.

  4. I loved it again! Doing Chest at 6 AM! Thanks so much!

  5. I did it… I can't feel my arms

  6. for how many seconds u do each exercise? i wish if u could write the name of the exercises and how long for each exercise

  7. keep going ! thank you for your free conveying. Αlso you have great transmissibility. Good job sifu. Greetings from Greece

  8. Well done. Now my fingers are burning while typing this. 🔥

  9. My triceps are on Fire from this pectoral workout, lol.  WOW!!!

  10. Thanks coach! Killer workout. I know you have a diet plan to gain muscle but I'd like to know what someone with high metabolism, at 17 years old, should do to maximize my muscle building. Thanks!

  11. OUCH. I'll remember to read the workout before picking my heaviest dumbells. Thanks for another great pump guys!

  12. What is the weight of those dumbles?

  13. Hy, coach!

    I do not have the time to go to the gym, and I can only allocate 1 hour in the morning before going to work. Can I gain weight with just 1 hour home workout a day?

    Best regards,

  14. Yay! Thank you for hearing my request… awesome!

  15. great advice, thanks! it's the new Fitbit charge 2, so it does. I'm going to stick to your advice and keep on hasfitting! you guys are the best!!

  16. Always love your workouts. I've had a calorie tracker for about a month now and my calories burned are hardly ever close to the ones in the range, especially in the strength training videos. suggestions?

  17. Thanks for another great workout.

  18. Great work out, 15 minutes but so effective, great job-videos, keep them coming 😉

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