14 Min Dumbbell Bicep Workout – Biceps Workout at Home – Bicep Workout with Dumbbells Bicep Exercise

14 Min Dumbbell Bicep Workout – Biceps Workout at Home – Bicep Workout with Dumbbells Bicep Exercise

The 3 Week Diet


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  2. Awesome workout! I loved it sooo much!
    "You got it"
    and I was like: "Hell yeah I GOT IT I GOT ITTT!!!" 😂 Thanks guys!

  3. Hi can you please explain the calories burned caption at the top left side of the video? 96-192? Where do those numbers come from? Thanks!

  4. Thanks coach! What time do you think is best for performing dumbbell workouts?

  5. Shaking so bad….LOL..i can hardly type……but I have to use my last bit of strength to say THANK YOU!

  6. was coach using 10 lb dumbbells? because if he was, then that's amazing ''cause I am a 14 yo girl and did the advanced moves with 10 lb dumbbells

  7. on nfire !! cant even type

  8. These videos are so fantastic! I love that I don't have to go to the gym.. I don't thrive in that environment & enjoy working out on my own. Keep up the excellent work guys 🙂

  9. Eh didn't believe really feel much only a little maybe I need bigger weights.

  10. AMAZING ARM WORKOUT!! Keep these split workouts coming! 🙂

  11. Are four days a week enough for arms

  12. My biceps are so sore this morning!!

  13. OMG the best bicep workout for me so far!!! Definitely will feel this tomorrow when I'm driving my taxibus at work.

  14. Hello. I got injured doing the Biceps Pulses. Of course I'm not blaming anyone but me. I did my warm-up and my weights weren't to much. I just found curious that this particular exercise was dangerous to me.

  15. Arms are burning 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  16. hey guys just wanted to ask how accurate is the calorie burn count. I rely completely on that to track my daily diary

  17. I'm only 13 and I'm doing it all

  18. My Bicep is fire thanks coach great workout

  19. That was amazing. I can't feel my arms though.

  20. You guys are my favorite workout channel.
    I recommend this channel to all my friends that are trying to get in shape.

  21. My arms were on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Great work out! thank you for helping me to get in shape. could you do something similar for triceps? thank yoh

  23. You are the best personal trainers on the internet…all your workouts are very inspiring…keep going!!!!!

  24. Great for the biceps love it. My fingers are seizing up a bit. Why. Thanks.

  25. wonderful workout! I did it for the first time tonight. it was effective and challenging. thank y'all and have a outrageous new year!

  26. Love these – just started the 90 day Warrior workout AGAIN (haven't completed yet haha, keep getting sent on business trips and having to start over). I've given up alcohol completely for the duration to try and get through this time, then can't wait to jump into these new workouts….curious – what weight are you using there coach? I usually use 6 kgs for most routines except for strength training where I use 10 kgs, and the MMA/Kickboxing when I use a pair of 4 pounders

  27. best workout I've done yet. love that burn!!! so glad I found this channel.

  28. Can you do more walking cardio workouts?

  29. Biceps are on FIRE!!! Thank you!

  30. Great workout… Thanks guys💪💪

  31. hi coach how many weight are cloudia hold!

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