10 Minute Tae Bo Cardio Party with Shellie Blanks Cimarosti

10 Minute Tae Bo Cardio Party with Shellie Blanks Cimarosti

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  1. love this workout 👌I don't do classes @the Gym,my headphone And phone that's me, stated few weeks ago and have already loose like 5kilos love it 😍

  2. It hurts so good . Btw Shellie is Billy's wife I didn't know. Love her energy

  3. es increible no puedo creer .

  4. Luv it. Thank you Shellie♥

  5. cruz credo, a gente quase morre!!! pelo menos emagrecemos!!

  6. Супер😄👍👍,бодрит !!!

  7. Shellie, you are so motivating. I really hate cardio but with this schort workout are no more excuses! Thank you so much and stay drilling me😉 Greets from Germany


  9. Billy blanks gracias a vos estoy en forma amo tus vídeos

  10. This video is awesome, will make you sweat and get that heart going. Thanks for the upload!

  11. Great 10 minute workout.

  12. A train horn & train power in a bycicle = Shellie.
    <3 <3 <3 ♡ 😙

  13. Am a fun of tae bo. it helpes me alot

  14. Shellie Blanks Cimarosti does a great workout!

  15. linda me gusta muchos tu vídeo es muy divertido es rebajado bastante gracias

  16. excelente me gusta tu rutina de ejercicio gracias estoy rebajando

  17. Excelente!! gracias por compartir, saludos desde México. : )

  18. i died. awesome workout!

  19. Whoa…Nice! Thank You for sharing.

  20. Excellent workout,can Shellie please do a 30 min workout which included abs as well?

  21. Awesome workout Shellie, keep it up. I hope to see more from you.

  22. shellieblank me encanta que también bajé sus vídeos a Internet para que nunca falte el taebo

  23. made it to 9:02… Will keep trying

  24. I cannot believe this is a 10 minute workout. Sweated buckets more than 30 minutes on the treadmill. Well done guys!

  25. I am going to search for her full length workouts. She is amazing, her energy works for me. I always use to watch her in the background of the taebo videos.


  27. OMG! 12 MINUTES? I'M DONE! AWESOME WORKOUT SHELLIE! I remember when girl! My goodness, almost brings tears to my eyes. I remember the beginnings and now, WOW! I'll be incorporating this into mine now.

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